Cat Soup


BLOOPERS: When Ian comes down with a cold, Anthony helps speed his recovery with an extra-special soup. Now with extra protein! Song by Discovery of a Lifelong Error: http

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25 комментариев на “Cat Soup”

  1. bubblerox96:

    i have that cat as a webkinz ahahah :[

  2. Bossmankiller52:

    Its funny that i have that same cat

  3. Hameny123:


  4. Lewisss1996:

    who else thought he asked if he liked steamed rice 🙂

  5. CPMackenzie:

    I have a teacher in my school whose last name is Katsoupa.

  6. kittenkupcake:

    This not something you see everyday…

  7. 32oki:

    I love the music on this video. I hope I can download that music.

  8. TheInsaneVideogamerz:

    the days of 240p =[

  9. redandblaack6:

    thumbs up for thumbs up 😛 im justin bieber my credit card number is 3647636343796 an social secirity is 3755899 (: please dont scam me

  10. TheTwilightHero17:

    Thumbs up if you guys like to make the cat to shut up at 0:00-0:05.

    Cat: «Meow!!! MEOW!!!!!»

    Smosh: «Shut up!»

  11. 1999tnt:


  12. 1999tnt:


  13. osipingi:

    Omg ians hair 😀

  14. AKtruffle907:

    nevermind read the description XD

  15. AKtruffle907:

    was that song i set my friends on fire??

  16. shonenshojo:

    That cat is adorable <3

  17. FornicateWithRaptors:

    I LOVE CATSOUP. I even put it on my hot dogs!

  18. iluvgagasongs101:

    So funny. Hey check out my channel.

  19. jammajessiewessie:

    I was looking for cat soup the anime, and saw a smosh vid 😀

  20. GreenDayAbby17:

    No im not watching this in 2011 im watching it in 2056 I mean really? Thats a really stupid comment.

  21. chickbearfan22:

    thumbs up if you watch this in 2011

  22. User987857:

    So 240p… We meet again 😛

  23. boibo1:

    Cats claw went from right bottom to left top but his scratch marks were from right top to left bottom LOL!

  24. beansterman1998:

    @idontknowyouFreak11 They moved house just before «Sex Ed Rocks» was filmed if you watch sex ed rocks then the 2 videos before it.


    240p… we meet again…