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Декабрь 2011
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Standing Cat


Standing Cat
Video Rating: 4 / 5

подружкина кошечка Суши
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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26 комм. на “Standing Cat”

  1. FeelingFeline:

    Even if Japanese television was in English, it would still make no sense. XD

  2. Bloodarch:

    @UltimateAnimeGamer Rofl man, this is a good one.

  3. arbgabt:

    this must have been right before they ate him…

  4. DJSanjri69Kebab:

    fuck you you cunts i will fuck u up if u say shitt

  5. McRdeadlife:

    ils ont des voix de merde dans ces pays là !

  6. tiblais007:

    IT`S weird that cat can stand like this but very funny

  7. Hunterbgpz:

    It’s Japanese, what’d you expect?

  8. URAbunnylover2:

    oh god. soon they will take over the internet!!
    no.. wait…

  9. milarox1999:

    he needs boots

  10. animefanker:

    my cat does this sometimes if she sees something interesting that is too high for her to see in a sitting position.

  11. alifaanication:

    he must be a relative of Garfield

  12. tenderheart17:

    I love how he sinks back down on his haunches and his little tum-tum goes «ploomp»!

  13. stiimuli:

    @hollowman113 but its an american short hair….the lady in the video said so =P

  14. Fawkes22:

    Hehe that Tabby looks like the animagus transformation fom Minerva McGonnagle :P

  15. nattacka:

    Why do japenese always sound like little anime 5 yo’s.

  16. iChocolateAddict:


    Haha you made me laugh hard in rl, you’re so right! xD

  17. Angel4ever44:

    @MichaelThorne096 good question :/

  18. yellowflip9992:

    this is the ojamajo doremi passiteir to witch transformation music

  19. badakkurus96:


  20. JoelxFrantz:

    too cute!

  21. bigagigamigaliga:

    @MichaelThorne096 hm, idk, i actually quite like them

  22. hollowman113:

    Asian cats are…Special…im positive about that

  23. jesszxz:

    @MichaelThorne096 because they are japan, full of anime… :3

  24. diehounderdoggen:

    Wow. Japanese TV is actually worse than American TV. IT must be the combination of crappy sound effects and the «reaction window» thing in the corner.

  25. JonnaJacobsen1995:

    nuuurh!!! :D

  26. siphonchik:

    Суши? не патриотично как то…….пельмень, самое то