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Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes – Live Telling


www.ericlitwin.com http www.thelearninggroove.com Mr. Eric and James Dean tell the tale at Little Shop of Stories. Mr. Michael (producer of the CD) plays the guitar. Helpful Links www.ericlitwin.com www.thelearninggroove.com www.petethecat.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комм. на “Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes – Live Telling”

  1. Nnoitrastalker:

    I been singing this song all day at school, I got so muny wierd looks

  2. nickandmeredithelzy:

    This is GROOOOOVY, DUDE!

  3. cheerlead8:

    i heard this and now its stuck in my head:)

  4. stephcarson:

    My son heard this in library today! He started telling this story, so cute! I had to record it. I can’t link to it, but it’s on my videos! Great story!!!

  5. Kewldude99Rocks:

    @xojessi You’re so welcome!

  6. xojessi:

    @Kewldude99Rocks Thanks for your response!

  7. Kewldude99Rocks:

    @xojessi yes because my cousin is in 3rd grade and they read this book.

  8. xojessi:

    Does anyone know if this story is age appropriate for a mix of kindergardeners, grades 1′s and 2′s?

  9. odfreygodfrey:

    Yes, kindergarteners love this book. So do pre-schoolers. So do 60 year olders – that’s me. I’m gonna just walk along singin’ my song. And sometimes I’ll sing Pete’s song, too. Makes me thing of Donovan’s song from the 60s: «I love my shoes, I love my shoes. My shoes are so comfortably lovely.»

  10. momto3girlys:

    Kindergarten kids love this song.

  11. tamashi911:

    Im in 6 th grade and my adv. studies teacher showed us this because she found it and showed it too the kindergarten class that she goes to during 8th pd with some students. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!

  12. klbesancon:

    I read this to all the kinders at my school and I thought they were going to howl with laughter! Absolutely buy this book and have a great time with it!

  13. KateMich12:

    So fun! We read this in my classroom today. We were singing the song ALL. DAY. LONG!

  14. Mastergamer560:

    My class read the book and sang the song. But that was back a few months ago but I still like the book!

  15. TheGypsyPoet:

    This is my son’s favorite book, thanks for making this video too, we watch it every night and sing the songs after reading the book <3

  16. cgnjsanjuan:

    We just came back from reading time at the library and they read this! It was so much fun..my 3 & 6 yr old kids can’t stop singing the song..all the way home! We now have to buy this for Christmas gift this year! It is so good! Thank you!!

  17. mrgmusicalmadness:


  18. cjb737:

    My son 6 years old love your book and singing. His name is Reagan!! Reagan loves your book!! A lot! Cuz you give Newcastle elementray school one of your book. And his teacher, Ms Andrews likes it too. Thank you.

  19. xC3110x:

    What an absurdly clumsy cat. :D

  20. cgohsh:

    My 5 years old girl with ASD loved the book the very moment I read to her. She would pulled me to a corner and listen to her reading, of course with all the animiation eg. Oh no, goodness No..etc.
    No other book has aroused such strong interest in her. I really enjoyed and treasured those moment of engagment.

  21. DLStepp1958:

    My husband and I love this. It is awesome!

  22. jeremykell:

    My kids love Pete!

  23. tjsbigidea:

    That song sure sounds a lot like the Waitresses’ «I know What Boys Want».

  24. rosalinaband:

    He came to our school too :) and he did the exact same thing with us haha, (meaning the same dance moves and stuff) btw im in 6th grade…