DEATH BATTLE! — Felicia VS Taokaka


Episode 9 — Darkstalkers VS Blazblue! It’s an all-out cat fight! Felicia, the feline pop-star, takes on the goofy vigilante, Taokaka! Which cat will reign supreme? And which will be left in pieces? *GET INVOLVED!* Follow us for updates, fun, and to get your voice heard! — on Facebook ( and Twitter ( — Ben (Wizard/Director) on Facebook ( and Twitter ( — Chad (Boomstick) on Facebook ( and Twitter (
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats while I was out!! Let’s see who is Guilty! and cracks under pressure!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “DEATH BATTLE! — Felicia VS Taokaka”

  1. sasaki999pro:

    @TheAngryBirdlover the stupid woman started it by bashing into tao over a fucking butterfly

  2. carmine7991:

    Taokaka won because she had training.

  3. 55nyancat:

    Felicia vs Sonic

  4. tixtix009:

    Dante (devim may cry) vs allucard (hellsing)

  5. fedeleo87:

    i mean throw the rock and run behind the rock so spiderman will see the rock and think that the rock is the threat

    and for rip his arm off or cut him in half he need to break the adamantium wich is impossible at least for spiderman

    and yes wolverine do use his intlligence in fight and is a master tactician but because of his healing factor and his adamantium skeleton he rarely need it

  6. narutardtedr:

    @fedeleo87 What makes you think spider-man wouldn’t just avoid the area of the rock all together? When i see a big object i think «Move!» and it’s more than likely spidey does too seeing that if there are no people around that is what he does. And the adamantium is in his bones, not his tendons, and they don’t meld together. They aren’t one giant piece of metal, they are individual around each bone. So ripping him in half is very much an easy option.

  7. narutardtedr:

    @fedeleo87 Spider-man has delt with that before, that’s not enough to confuse his spider-sense. More or less just him, his spidey-sense alerts him to the direction of the threat, but not what the threat itself is. His spidey-reflexes come in handy for things like that. The second he whatever wolverine threw. his sense would start telling him to watch out, and where it would come from. In which his spidey-reflexes kick in thus avoiding it. The attacker has to be faster than the sense.

  8. fedeleo87:

    @narutardtedr i mean using his environment like throw something to spiderman and then attack him

  9. narutardtedr:

    @fedeleo87 I never said wolverine wasn’t smart, but wolverine rarely uses his intelligence. Spider-man’s mind is always on the go, swinging around gives spider-man adept spacial awareness which if needed he could probably expand.

  10. narutardtedr:

    @fedeleo87 Wolverine is one threat, his blades will not all become a signal for the spidey-sense. All spider-man has to do is rip wolverines arms off or do what he did in the game, and rip him in half. It didn’t kill him, but gave him a rest.

  11. fedeleo87:

    @narutardtedr and about the intelligence yes spider-man is more intelligent than wolverine but though seemingly brutish, Wolverine is highly intelligent. When Forge monitored Wolverine’s vitals during a Danger Room training session, he reported Logan’s physical and mental state as «equivalent to an Olympic-level gymnast performing a Gold-medal-winning routine whilst simultaneously beating four chess computers in his head»

  12. fedeleo87:

    @narutardtedr i know he has the spider-sense but the spider-sense can be confused if there are more than a threat at the time and lose effectivenes when spider-man gets tired also wolverine can fight for much longer periods of time whithout getting tired than spidey

    While spider man can fight for hours without getting tired wolverine can do it for days because of his healing factor that is much more advanced that the one possesed by spider-man

  13. narutardtedr:

    @fedeleo87 You’re forgetting his spidey-sense. You know, his pre-cognitive powers. Not to mention he is more flexible than wolverine, lighter (Thus faster), smarter (out thinking enemies), spider-man is also stronger than wolverine. Being able to lift a tanker and bash goblin three times with it, all after being shot, stabbed etc. Aka drained and at his weakest. Spider-man also has his webs, the game was based in the ultimate Universe, that was the strongest spidey we know of.

  14. MultiPoop0:

    This was like wolverine without adamantium ( i know i spelled that wrong) v.s. with adamantium

  15. fedeleo87:

    @narutardtedr spider-man only won that fight because was his game, wolverine only would have to cut one of the tendons of spider-man to make him slower and then cut his head off

    so no matter how you look at it spider-man is screwed

  16. fedeleo87:

    @narutardtedr Yea but this would be a wolverine vs spider-man to death and we know that spider-man cant kill wolverine, wolverine battle with the hulk and his claws can cut through anything, wolverine is more trained and have much more experience than spider-man, wolverine once fougth with speed demon who is a speedster also wolverine can dodge bullets and he can sense spider-man through his enchanced hearing and smell

  17. LondonOBrien:

    luigi vs tails

  18. MikeMars1225:

    Ryu Hayabusa vs. Gray fox or Raiden it doesn’t matter (Ninja Gaiden and Metal Gear Solid) or the two guys from Contra vs the two brothers from Double Dragon.

  19. TheAngryBirdlover:

    Why kill a nun b*tch?

  20. DaemonTFO:

    @godofthepained Because both are beefy?… Who’d win is easy.

  21. Yuklko:

    @wizardkas That was Starscream.

  22. wizardkas:

    @TheAngryBirdlover mega lost to Rainbow Dash

  23. ediedgar12:

    superman vs spiderman

  24. SabarotaGenjinDragon:

    fucking hell o_o you dont see something thats adorable, epic and down right vicious at the same time very often…..haha anyways: Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors) vs Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur 4)!!!

  25. TheAngryBirdlover:

    fluttershy vs megatron

  26. FortyMedals:

    what a fabulous dog, been a dog lover for years, but this, oh my, talk about Guilty, the poor dog hehe,

  27. caaaakee:

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 X’)

  28. sumontify:

    hi sophie.
    Album: Folk Is Not Happy
    Artist: John Carrie and Moor Green
    Song: (Hidden Track) Please

  29. sumontify:

    hi sophie.
    Album: Folk Is Not Happy
    Artist: John Carrie and Moor Green
    Song: (Hidden Track) Please

  30. poohbear3121:


  31. sophiesnake:

    What’s the song?

  32. taniasauber:

    Denver ur my heroe!!!!

  33. ahrenjb:

    My seven year old boxer knows when he’s done something wrong too. It’s hilarious. You come home, and he’s nowhere to be seen. Then you find whatever mess he made and spot him peeking at you from around a corner. When you look at him, he looks away but if you call him he humbly ambles over, looks at the ground in shame, then rests his chin on your lap as i in apology. If you point to the mess, he goes and lays on his bed. It’s adorable.

  34. TheElizabeth2015:


  35. AtKinson301:

    I love it hahahaha what a smart dog!!!!

  36. queenbeejo:

    omg i love this!! She just laughs in your face…well. smirks! lol

  37. bbonney6:

    @AstronomicalLove Let me say that I have a yellow Lab also, and no, this is not abuse. My Lab does the same thing. When he knows we are not happy with what he has done, he thumps that tail and squints his eyes as if expecting the worst. This poor baby needs a hug and release from the penalty box!

  38. nightshade7206:

    This guy sounds just like Woody Harrelson

  39. nightshade7206:

    @foodplot I adopted my yellow lab with a red nose….looks just like Denver and she does the very same face….Gotta love it.

  40. BigWig2Big:


  41. moony700:

    Awwwwwwww 🙁

  42. somuchdazzle:

    hahahahahaha this video will never get old!! love it

  43. foodplot:

    @AstronomicalLove No adoption….I got Denver when she was 8 weeks old. Never hit her, nothing like that. She is just a very typical Labrador but has a very unique and rare face when in sticky situations! LOL

  44. MsSusiePan:

    I just wanna hug him so badly…. =
    Well, I’m done for internet today. Gonna give my dog a big kiss and tell him how much I love him :3

  45. AstronomicalLove:

    I always wondered, did you adopt Denver? Or did you have him since he was a puppy? His reaction makes me wonder if he was abused in the past.

  46. PoptartFrozen:

    I thought it was the first dog in till he showed Denver’s face lol

  47. Andy167:

    I want a Denver 🙁

  48. thaiedgirl23:

    He knew he was guilty… he was embarrassed and smiled (my dog does that too) and he knows his routines… smart guy 🙂

  49. Theshoesaremine:

    I want a dog like that <3

  50. adamsnakeeva:

    1483 ppl are not humans