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Cat Stevens «Bitter Blue»


Thnx for touching so many hearts & souls with your Beautiful Music. Cat Stevens BBC Bitter Blue

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25 комм. на “Cat Stevens «Bitter Blue»”

  1. TheTreesand:

    Life is best when seen thru the eyes of a poet.

  2. rudeboyrichard:

    Powerful, emotional singer. Cat is Cancer. His highly sensitive and spiritual sense runs through all of his songs.

  3. RJRlover117:

    AWESOME!!!! Love it!!!!!

  4. sbasx1:

    @skatewidow He married and is Muslim

  5. skatewidow:

    can i just marry cat stevens NOW……really cat! 760-8053764

  6. lightflower:

    stands well up to the test of time…
    great emotional song and Cat has a great sense of humour

  7. rottweilerv:

    @thegreatimpostor Just HAVE to love him he’s soooo SPECIAL!!

  8. kaiba125:

    If he didn’t stop in the middle of it forgetting his words, I would have said that it’s a recorded version. This guy is by far the greatest live singer ever seen….Glad he is back again.

  9. 71KAZA1:

    Cat’s Compositions are Super Sensational ! Expressive, meaningful lyrics. great Harmonies.Ballads to listen to forever !!
    Master of Music !!!

  10. sa65cn1:

    @whyseyes1 I totally agree. His new stuff is great!

  11. SachaTheEvilOne:

    i sure wish i was that cameraman

  12. swifturtle12:

    @snapperjohn1000 I think you are right on!

  13. MrAyataz:

    He wery good person and trustful..he was in dark side of life world to finde peace in his heart,.you can hear that in his woice..
    «Thnx for touching so many hearts & souls with your Beautiful Music. Cat Stevens BBC Bitter Blue «

  14. cmunik8r:

    Amazing…at first I thought this was lipsyched…then I realized….as I realized how ‘real’ it was, that it was 70»s studio reverd…that he stopped and wanted to do it again….and again…was so authentic and REAL…make it all that much more REAL and AMAZING…everything I was hoping for when I searched for this…and then some. The passion and commitment is amazing. Namaste

  15. thegreatimpostor:

    he is so dam good looking;) Oh and a great singer and musician as well..

  16. pewploid:

    I like his music….i dont care what he is or not….

  17. cata10101011:

    There r a lot of different kinds of love u have in ur life time and they r all connected. if u loose a piece the jigsaw is never complete and u loose ur connectedness..that is how i felt till finding the missing piece from my childhood…. so glad ur back,,,

  18. lovinthetunes1:

    This cat has always been, and still is, one of the most FANTASTIC singer/songwriters this world has ever seen….Has made me smile for more years than I can remember ~ What a soul <3
    This is great and shows what a wonderful person he is~

  19. hilalyeliz:

    @huskerdeux I really like your comment you are definetly right!

  20. MrR1D3R:

    love that acoustic sound in the hands of a master musician

  21. wordmanrand:

    Sometimes people have to lay off the metallica and pearl jam types and listen to Cat Sevens.

  22. coolmamac:

    STILL love his music. He is a true artist. One of a kind.

  23. raniabrawner:

    This is a gorgeous song. I agree with huskerdeux on this one. Cats one helluva sport. :)

  24. drrtm:

    Great song, great performer!

  25. LawnDart055:

    This is such a superb example of why he is so highly regarded… The audience isn’t coming to be entertained, in his world… they are friends to him, I think… nothing «airbrushed» or lip-synced. He can actually DO this stuff.