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cowboys herding cats


funny ads, cowboys herding cats, who can ever imagine?
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25 комм. на “cowboys herding cats”

  1. kingyeung914:

    …so whats the point they are trying to make???

  2. 100henh:

    @nfazio69923- Actually, one of the pioneers of North American ranching was African-American. (John Ware…)

  3. MrLotharofhillpeople:

    @wearyofallthiscrap Actually, the metaphor is much, much older than that. You just simply found a reference, or use, of the metaphor that dates back to 1985. My grandparents from the Depression Era used this metaphor.

  4. LuvPeaceSwim:

    at :40 the guy looks like Herman Cain

  5. kezie666666:


  6. JLEEBurner:

    Ha Ha! Love it!

  7. Superbaldyboy:

    This is fantastic. Great commercial. Great Humour.

  8. Ryusuta:

    I like how they went through the trouble of creating a hilarious commercial with high production values that tells you absolutely NOTHING about what the company does.

    And a company not clearly stating what it is is generally a bad sign.

  9. wearyofallthiscrap:

    The source for this video is this classic joke:

    «At Group L, Stoffel oversees six first-rate programmers, a managerial challenge roughly comparable to herding cats.»
    –The Washington Post Magazine, 9 June 1985

    That’s right, 1985. The joke is older than most of the viewers. :-)

  10. reneecalling:

    What kind of brand do you use on ‘em?

  11. Palosizzalari:

    Thumbs up if ur watching this for infosys 110!

  12. celiamilton:

    ha ha ha

  13. tallswede80:

    That’s true.

  14. ovfan1:

    This is exactly like teaching first graders!

  15. knoduron:

    omg this is SOOOOOOOOO Funny!!!!!! i am laughing so freaking hard right now!!!! 2 thumbs up!!

  16. notanotheraccount:

    @Beaster456 No weirder than that it makes my eyes mist up.

  17. mautbur:

    I want this JOB

  18. samthepiglet:


  19. Beaster456:

    is it weird this commercial gives me chills?

  20. nfazio62293:

    @theaccidentalmimo and you assume i’m white based on what evidence?

  21. theaccidentalmimo:

    @nfazio62293 Read up on your history buddy, there were African American cowboys. Secondly, learn some respect from people different than yourself. I’d also like to apologize to the minorites who read this comment. Most white people are not like this.

  22. laurierchick11:


  23. nfazio62293:

    no this video is fake because at 0:40 there’s no such thing as a nigger cowboy

  24. ram6m:

    Now, i will buy anything sold by EDS! I trust them!

  25. matto8mati:

    I used to work for EDS.