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Декабрь 2011
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The Rhythm – The Cat Empire


Original version of The Rhythm from the On The Attack DVD. Extraordinary dancing!

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25 комм. на “The Rhythm – The Cat Empire”

  1. caspibar1:

    @ralstong81 Better to keep it that way don’t you think?

  2. hype22m:

    good shit right here,…excuse me , what is the secret to your soul?

  3. ramsey91:

    too short! where’s the rest of it?!

  4. Cigana090:

    I don’t like 7:51 and onwards.

  5. Cigana090:

    These guys were just amazing live!

  6. TheFinelope:

    Young man! I’ll show you some rhythm.

  7. tesstravelling:


  8. rpetersdrummerboy:

    This song gives me a boner

  9. stevekeiretsu:

    @niko101a heh not really, try checking out some Ojos de Brujo. start with the techari live dvd.

  10. pyromanizak:

    @ralstong81 you poo

  11. niko101a:

    only the cat empire could mix modern music with flamenco(tradicional spanish music)

  12. xTheCatEmpirex:

    My Favourit part is from 0:00 to 7:50, but i also like it from 0:01…

  13. disarmsox:

    Where have I been all this time?

  14. Schmuglen:

    @prank1997 That’s because he is a man :D The song is brilliant!

  15. smokyfairy:

    eat me

  16. sebskelly:

    does anyone know the last two chords of the keys bit at 7:16? so far I have:
    Am7/G | D9/F# | FM7 | …?
    Ollie is a legend


    Chulisima!!! :)

  18. skasso12:


  19. prank1997:

    @abandcalledalice you are not even close to The Cat Empire…..totally different styles of music between your band and them

  20. prank1997:

    4:22….man that is a lot of hair down there :) )))…btw this song is great :D

  21. thamagnet16hotmail:

    This was without a doubt their best album. Songs like this, days like these and how to explain were AMAZING! Two shoes was good, and their new more soul stuff is good too… but they need more songs like back on this album!

  22. ROBLOXSuerVideoMaker:

    The solo from 2:43-4:00 minutes is beast =D

  23. colnelkurts77:

    top song, so good live, seen them a few times and they rocked!!!

  24. VolpeScura:

    @zazasulin Is there a sexier voice and man out there? :P

  25. dukeboxlive:

    Great stuff !!!!!!! Watch these guys best new band I’ve seen in years. youtube.com/watch?v=410NUGTGLQ­s