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Декабрь 2011
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Sponsored by VideoBash.com – Thanks for their support, check them out! www.videobash.com Want to adopt a homeless animal? Head over to http ! Written and animated by Guy Collins, in assosiation with Mondo Media. Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), titled «Ghost Dance» Licensed under Creative Commons «Attribution 3.0″ creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ French translation by Matthieu Riley German translation by XenoWar15 – www.youtube.com Portugese translation by EMPPT – www.youtube.com Dutch translation by CPnieuws – www.youtube.com Malay translation by nisbahmumtaz909 – www.youtube.com Danish translation by micshaz – www.youtube.com Russian translation by Funnycat – www.youtube.com Swedish translation by rojall – www.youtube.com «Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!» originally written by Daniwell-P aidn.papiness.com Download the mp3!! soundcloud.com Nyan cat created by prguitarman www.prguitarman.com

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25 комм. на “Stray”

  1. KratosUltraFan:

    and that kids is how nyan cat was born

  2. trevawright:

    ;( I’m so sad now

  3. ReBirtHQwertY:

    yes… i’m crying right now…

  4. silenthillorigin:

    he got what he wanted. To be on the internet

  5. olddog5655:

    i started to cry :’(

  6. uglydollsinc123:

    @southpark269 yes he lived in space

  7. southpark269:

    did the kitty get a home

  8. StarwarsCoffe:


  9. radix9523:

    I used to be a cat, then I took a Nyan in the knee

  10. RoflGalaxy:


  11. acau77:

    This can’t be in Perth, it’s obviously in Japan.

  12. acau77:

    I shat bricks

  13. theArifex:

    Epicly epic

  14. FlyAssholeFly:

    very amazing, I like the nyan music at the end

  15. Dexarkun:

    no mames i want to Cry :,) pinche rola tan chingona!!! fuck the final sound from Nyan Cat… AMAZING!!!

  16. pellabologna:

    Best one

  17. TheModdedwarfare3:

    Guys, thumb this up so people can see. There’s a hidden link on the street at 1:40-1:43.

  18. acedede:


  19. olivera182:

    @LetsDanceRainbowdash Well, it was his dream to have a family. He thought that by becoming an internet meme, people would love him and he would get a family.

  20. LetsDanceRainbowdash:

    That was very cute but….was his dream to be famous or something?

  21. y890x:

    i don’t get it… is this nyan cat: origins…? or am i more deeply confused than i think and i should just shut up…? what’s goin on heree…..e.e.e.e….e.e

  22. tames123:

    But the cat still didnt got a home ;_; noooooo!!!!!!

  23. drzombossrulez:

    thumbs up if you saw the Y U NO guy @ 0:55

  24. MrFapps:

    this is actually beautiful

  25. Jogndaninja:

    The cat’s rainbow was upside down of Nyan cats