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Marlowe tries to feed his cat


The Long Goodbye, 1973 the opening sequence from Robert Altman’s adaption of Raymond Chandler’s detective novel

おせち箱とまる。Maru loves this box!

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50 комм. на “Marlowe tries to feed his cat”

  1. MsAdesio:

    Big, beefy, brown-eyed, brainy…… beautiful.

  2. ministeroftuba:

    Guy’s the epitome of nonchalance

  3. valentynesuite:


  4. LeLimeLine:

    @waltherppk1000 You must be insane. Gould is a fucking beast of a man in this film.

  5. dogtags2:

    «What do I need a cat for? I got a girl!»
    Best line in the movie, right there.

  6. corle1:

    Spike is alive! That space cowboy never dies.

  7. billhargreaves123:

    @Ahimas Welcome. I think that I actually got mine from a shop in Germany via the web!

  8. Ahimas:

    @billhargreaves123 Hey.. thank you :) It took me a whole year to notice that someone gave a really helpfull respond to my comment!.. Well, better a year later then never..^^

  9. waltherppk1000:

    Elliot Gould comes off as a fruit, a pansy, a nancy boy. They wrecked the story.

  10. buzzclick500:

    @fitzochris : I made the mistake of reading the book before seeing this……

  11. RansomII:

    pussy’s pussy

  12. abemahler:

    @BobBerkeley Yeah, a good case can be made for that.

  13. BobBerkeley:

    «Mister, all this shit is the same.» The central line in the movie!

  14. ministeroftuba:

    He’s got a girl and I got a cat

  15. buzzclick500:

    21 cents for macaroni?! Ya got any cases o’ this stuff in the back? Yeah, I’ll take all ya got!

  16. janice94304:

    The cat is a good actor ;-)

  17. ilanpi:

    John William’s most brilliant score, very witty with the change of music for the same theme, e.g., turns into muzak at the supermarket.

  18. fitzochris:

    This is a fucking awful film…someone should film the book faithfully.

  19. YaaaarrghAh:

    El Porto Del Gato :D haha
    Just read the book ^^

  20. mpjrdldn:

    This movie was ahead of its time. Or, a challenge to its time. When it came out, Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe was a GOD and Elliot Gould’s take on the character was viewed as an affront to that.

  21. jhaul21:

    god i love him in this movie just a joy to watch, what a fantastic unique original character, could have only been played by Elliot Gould

  22. billhargreaves123:

    in response to Ahimas – the soundtrack is very hard to get hold of – you have tobuy it as 1/2 of an album – shared with the movie ‘Fitzwill’y’. Even this album is very hard to get hold of but it has the 7 versions of the theme in full.

  23. UsssOSMART:

    it’s OK with me

  24. mailtrap22:

    No. The cat and Marlowe were the only 2 characters who wouldn’t tolerate being lied to.

  25. mailtrap22:

    No, there are only 2 characters in the movie, who can’t accept lies: the cat and Marlowe.

  26. leahgames:


  27. EskimoEchelon30STM:

    DID IT!~

  28. UnicornPrincessBunny:

    Ship me to America where i will become SUPASTAAA

  29. singergirl14awesome:


  30. singergirl14awesome:

    it is just like my cat…it loves boxes…funny

  31. iniesta530:

    They’re in Japan, not China. 2 different places.

  32. iwantorlando05:


  33. Soupacowz:

    am i the only one who thinks that its sorta weird that theyre in china

  34. Saphirajk:

    Aaawww so cute :D ^.^

  35. Svenley17:

    0:55 Chinese Food xD

  36. TsumiNya:

    Just as I thought. This box is quite satisfactory. Quite so indeed.

  37. MsTemptist:

    I KNOW he just dint go to sleep in that box :D

  38. dioxxx7:


  39. Mariofanonroblox:


  40. MrTotorofreak:

    i wonder how long it would take to lerne my cat the 0:15 jump

  41. FilthyVirus:

    I think that cat is OCD

  42. SchwarzesSchafilein:

    I love this Video and now I love Maru *-*

  43. ThePUMACAMP:

    Maru is marvelous. And your videos are great. Thank you!

  44. FearMyRawrness:

    this makes me want to live in a box.

  45. GeneralFresh:

    oh my i love your cat!! so cute

  46. umbreonofshadows:

    That cat has skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  47. brooklyn3178:


  48. popptastic:

    «I fit!» Hell yea :) …. Jedi master» ….

  49. Severusie:

    Čičí v krabičce. :)

  50. Crunchyroll11:

    Finally fits in the box . Can’t believe he loves boxes so much!! Kawaii :)