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Январь 2012
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ネコ草たべたい – Cats eat Grass -


奪ってでも食べたい。でも下手くそで全然食べれてないのです。 モア*モアレmoire.lowdope.com

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25 комм. на “ネコ草たべたい – Cats eat Grass -”

  1. bellzlp27:

    0:38 at moire lol

  2. staygreen110108:


  3. venniey:

    @Jayjen35 My cats eat it, occasionally they through it up. but not often.

  4. walnutmill:

    Moire:oh you are so nice to her huh?

  5. mikeq5:

    Cats face @ 0:39 ( -_- ) WTF? lol

  6. mikeq5:

    0:39 Cats face: WTF?

  7. mikeq5:

    39s Cats face: WTF?

  8. mikeq5:

    0.39 WTF?

  9. Jayjen35:

    @venniey Sure, there are earlier videos with Moire and Crie eating the grass, well, Moire eating it and Crie watching her as if she can’t believe she’s doing it. And there are very early videos of Lowdope feeding the grass to Moire, teaching her to eat it. So they’ve been eating that grass for a while and he probably wouldn’t give it to them if it had made them sick before.

  10. villyanv123:

    poor moire, crie wouldn’t let her eat in peace xD

  11. yam113able:

    1:30 モアレどや顔!!

  12. Miztli3:

    0:40 – «What?»

  13. dwighttsharpe:

    Crie has transformed from an «ugly duckling» into a beautiful swan.

  14. iucidium1982:

    Its………cat grass.

  15. venniey:

    @Jayjen35 I don’t recall another grass eating video but it sure looks like wheat grass to me. It is the type sold for cats to munch.

  16. ayadash04:


  17. 200411:

    wow Crie is BIG and getting cuter!!!

  18. singforeva3:

    these cats of urs r so beautiful! they look so fluffy!

  19. honeysuga8:

    what kind of cats r these? they’re super adorable!!!

  20. Jayjen35:

    @venniey I don’t know…Moire’s been eating that grass for years. Is this a new kind that he’s given them?

  21. Meghann25:

    Crie wants to play, and Moire seems to be jealous ! ^^

  22. venniey:

    @Taegerific It is wheat grass and they might !

  23. MrJazzjJr:


  24. misstuned:

    Haha, I love how Moire batted at Crie at first, then Crie kinda did not know HOW to eat grass. Hehe. Funny cats.

  25. humyai34:

    Get ready to clean your floor/carpet.