Hitler Cat On CONAN


Watch CONAN @ teamcoco.com — A kitten in Britain has had a lot of trouble getting adopted because it looks like Hitler. Well, here ar some other animals that can relate.

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25 комментариев на “Hitler Cat On CONAN”

  1. KillerBear111:

    is that garfield?

  2. fffraaankkk:

    Meow Fuhrer!!!!!!

  3. wigginingeneral:


    It was a joke, a play on words? How could you not get that?

  4. wigginingeneral:


    It was joke…how could you not get that?

  5. KreatorRage:

    @NsaneNtheNbrane *Führer

  6. ackbarfan5556:

    @sabird1 They did.

  7. WhiteEuropeInDanger:

    Hail Kitty!

  8. Briar5559:

    I can has Poland?
    Imagine a cute kitty with his paws on a map of Europe. Million dollar idea…except for the whole Hitler deal…


    reincarnation is real haha jk

  10. Gchord86:

    i want the mike tyson cat

  11. Eros983:

    I read the title as «Hitler Cat on Cocaine»

  12. MrNoobYou:

    @PunchSydeiron the only visual difference between hitler and charlie chaplin is charlie chaplin’s hat

  13. YeIllustriousc2:

    I want it. It’s adorable.

  14. microlab1890:

    i will adopt it……..
    seriously how can i adopted it?

  15. sabird1:

    they should call the cat «Kitler»

  16. pkattk:

    @PunchSydeiron Hitler pretty much ruined a perfectly good mustache.

  17. JoNat315:

    My cat was exactly like that when my family and I adopted him and my whole family thought it was funny xD We even considered calling him Adolf just for shit and giggles but he ended up with a regular name :p

  18. ELRingoFa:

    my head

  19. ThePhotory:

    @ELRingoFa A cat has furr right? furr-er, furrer!

  20. shin1300:

    Charlie Chaplin’s mustache > hitler’s mustache

    if you would notice Charlie’s mustache have that awesome and sophisticated Isosceles Trapezoid while hitler’s is just a lame old box

  21. taila1976:


    That was a joke that you did not get apparently…

  22. MrBinkusu:

    Kim Jong il, why the long face?

  23. ELRingoFa:

    you can’t say Fürer without ü

  24. agumon12:

    I would totally adopt that kitty and make it my own personal dictator. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Death to the mice in my apartment complex!!!!!!!!

  25. IcyScythe:

    lol I think it’s clear Conan wastes a lot of time too on youtube