Rock of Ages w/ Ze Part 3


Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. Ze and I play this crazy game. Ze’s Channel: Store page:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

IS THIS THE WORLD’S CUTEST CAT??? Canyon the Sand Cat is one of the smallest residents at Big Cat Rescue, he’s often mistaken for a domestic cat or kitten by tour guests! Listen to our junior volunteers as they introduce viewers to the cutest cat at BCR!? Want to sponsor Canyon? Please follow this link: THANKS! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK GOOGLE+: TWITTER: DONATE: BIG CAT SHOP: THANKYOU! If you text TIGER to 20222 *A one-time donation of will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Standard messaging/data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Big Cat Rescue by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to short code 20222; HELP to 20222 for help.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Rock of Ages w/ Ze Part 3”

  1. rayl27:

    The long search for 99aHdammit’s comment begins…

  2. silverstar8001:

    i was laughing soooo hard my chest started 2 hurt!!

  3. OmgUrThatOneGuy:

    right when i read the the description my lights went out …

    i got so scarred !!!!

  4. TheMasterMMoRPG:

    @bobotehmonsta same

  5. JPDoyle69:

    this is amazing am getting this game

  6. PiinkGhostCrew:

    lol the winning music is the same as cod waw xD

  7. ryan0ff:

    @bobotehmonsta So you drink a shitload of beer?

  8. GipTukeMan25:


  9. GipTukeMan25:

    edsfudihfsufdhkofsdfhsdfsdfhdfiefndcurbrujdfhgdruiefdfnfujjendfjhfujrfbheujwebfwuefbeffhisdfibfhasbfbfhbfhfwhef cgedkwjgrfhaLosccv ghzdrdrhyewgdhgjbndfsaeweiohkjfgdfsreuiuknbghjnbhgvyhjn bvcfdsdghjnmb vgdfhbm

  10. SventheEagle:

    Hey guys , for the people who like to play Rock of Ages and can’t pay for it for some reason , I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY of that game. To win you must comment on a video titled Giveaway which will be up tomorrow and be sure to be subscribed 😛

  11. cgwhite29:

    Kootra should have an app for android id use it

  12. kaltsukka:

    ITS OVER 08:34!!!

  13. PSYDEN159:

    i miss the old lbp 2 D:
    oh well its funny !

  14. GregoryVideogames:

    @ITsMikey97 ok

  15. 112cbob:

    it think that motorcycle add was the longest add i fully wached,and i liked it =P

  16. bobotehmonsta:

    I get excited over this like some people get excited over football…

  17. TheHatterJack:

    i peed a little 😀

  18. Axelpro967:

    when kootra lost the five i lost my shit

  19. 25hellsing:

    @99aHdammit I see what you did there

  20. lindiccars:

    @The12Fooz thats what she said

  21. lindiccars:

    @theghillykidhacker thaths what she said

  22. Rogelio4407:

    awwww monica wants to play

  23. danielosbay:

    Io sono italiano.(I’m Italian)

  24. ITsMikey97:

    @GregoryVideogames no

  25. The12Fooz:

    rolling in the deep,

  26. KayleeCherrette:

    SOOOO FLUFFY! i want it :3

  27. Slangebarnet:

    Is that a real sheep, or is it really a cat?

  28. Lionnixx:

    They are such an adorable breed! :D

  29. italianstylezzz:

    had tears in my eyes watching this

  30. eighthturtle:

    re pallas cat i mean another toy — not a real one.

  31. eighthturtle:

    I did find one plush toy sand cat thru a goggle search but didn’t care for the design which was exaggerated. I’d want a toy that was shaped like a real sand cat. it would also be nice to have a life size realistic pallas cat in winter phase with the long fur.

  32. BeynenHater:

    Absolutly beautiful.

  33. AngelKitty756:

    1 Person got attacked by a sand cat…

  34. horsiegal13:


  35. BigCatRescue:

    @sworddice No, wild species of cats will never be tamed and will never make good «Pets» They may tolerate us but their wild instincts will always remain.

  36. sworddice:

    can they be tamed to be domestic pet

  37. mkocja5a:

    cutest animal in the world besides pugs ^3^

  38. cautionman61:


  39. GameNinja13:

    Hmmm… I honestly thought sandcats were able to be domesticated but I ended up doing a bit of research…
    Interesting information out there.

  40. powermetal6669:

    Check out my video upload of my cat

  41. ax9995:

    Canyon has one massive ego. =.=

  42. foxgentlemaenner:

    cats… they all look cute somehow. but in the end — they are merciless killers. you gotta love these creatures (:

  43. TheCynline:

    @Frangm18 Canyon had an ingrown nail, probably just to help prevent that from happening again.

  44. LpsRainbowKitten:

    So cute…

  45. BigCatRescue:

    @apharot Another good question, the answer is now we have older cats that live alone that are unfixed, obviously all couples are fixed to prevent them from breeding but the older cats that are intact may stay that way, this is because it really isn’t worth the risk to put them through the procedure at and advanced age 🙂

  46. apharot:

    So is Canyon the only non-spayed or neutered big cat on your premises then since he’s part of a genetic backup?

  47. revangelica:

    What happened to the kits who were shipped with him ? 

  48. suburbandweller:

    I love him!

  49. Frangm18:

    whyyy WHHYY do you cut tjeir claws???

  50. ImaG0Hard:

    This is a pretty small cat I have 2 cats and there both around 13-15lbs and there not over weight.