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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “RACCOON HUG!”

  1. TheFrogman162:

    I definitely enjoyed his impression of a preacher the best 😀

  2. SidderzA:

    put the mouse over 156 and spam click
    naner naner naner lolol

  3. Grobohalic:

    Anyone else think of Elf with that raccoon clip? «Does someone need a hug?»

  4. TheCookieDaMonster:

    Cute Wins!

  5. Jackg0843:

    i wove biting people this much

  6. MadisonBieber100:

    Best video ever.

  7. CoolGamer12345:

    @y0ujustg0tpwn3d That’s the joke idiot. I am not wanting to make it to the knee cause i am awesome. Lol. Yes I have Skyrim on the PC and xbox 360

  8. tuesday79:

    Hug the raccoon? Lose your face.

  9. y0ujustg0tpwn3d:

    @y0ujustg0tpwn3d nevrmind forget i said that, sorry

  10. y0ujustg0tpwn3d:

    racoon hug by far

  11. y0ujustg0tpwn3d:

    @CoolGamer12345 no its to the knee you retarded piece of shit and i bet you havent even played skyrin

  12. killed542:

    racoon hug

  13. DoubleJEM:

    raccoon hug

  14. beejay95:

    Dear Tobuscus, I have a Tie Dye Morphsuit, i also have a free hus sign, and every weekend i walk around taking pictures, the one thing we want is a hug from a stranger, we are harmless, please hug us….. on top of that… NO POCKETS!!!!! we cant hide anything? just us and a sign and maybe a camera, and if you were in perth when you ran from that guy….. i would have said it was me, but it wasnt me, and i feel that somehow… i was cheated…..

  15. jimmyis6:


  16. cupcakeassassinvideo:

    I love biting people THIS MUCH

  17. ihpugs12345:

    @MrJason1142 who cares?

  18. ihpugs12345:

    cute wins!!!

  19. MrJason1142:

    My name’s Jason…

  20. turborox303:


  21. ravennyxxy915:


  22. j03388:

    Racoon ftw

  23. fONZERELiJr:

    2:24 «I Love biting people *this* much» XD

  24. mountainliontamer98:

    dear sir tubuscus i really want that t-shirt because despite popular belief the top 1 percent have no clothes

  25. XtraNormalBOOM:

    does anyone feel sorry for the guy with the banana, he waa just like im freakin out!