Cat Anderson (Duke Ellington Band)


Cat Anderson trumpet solo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Felix’s goose, which lays golden eggs, is goose-napped by Captain Kidd. Felix rescues him from Kidd’s pirate ship. (Cartoon is in the public domain, and is available from the Internet Archive.)

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50 комментариев на “Cat Anderson (Duke Ellington Band)”

  1. Profit2Success:

    He is more than a Cat…he is a LION!

  2. Chikidd75:


  3. NicaMusic1:

    best trumpeteer in the world!

  4. Tavo12371:

    Eso es musica

  5. Streamline09:

    Great, great, great!!! Thank you.

  6. pejamo:

    2 squares can’t swing.

  7. overlordspencerman:

    @peytonmusic Jon faddis, dizzy is pretty handy too

  8. 1BanerShaner:

    @imthebrother i am pretty positive the name of the song is The Cat, hope that helps

  9. himynameisjonnycap:

    God damn is that swanky….

  10. peytonjmusic:

    dang…first black lead player i come across and he happens to be a phenom!!! im gonna kick all my buddies in the face for keeping this away from me.

  11. cruzgonzalez182:

    just listening to this solo, makes me wanna find my damn mouthpiece and play some damn tunes on my trumpet. lol

  12. gatonegro1987:

    Porfavor que esto nunca se haga moda.
    En cuanto sea una moda más, perderá su espiritu.

  13. imthebrother:

    what’s the name of this song?

  14. sansha1992:

    auuuuuuuuuuu magaria ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;(

  15. tunepeddler:

    @Arborwaychet I’ll take that «dated» backing anytime. . .

  16. theinvisiblelight:

    @2Young4OldFashioned True that, man. True that. I wish I could be that cool

  17. Arborwaychet:

    Tasteful and timeless playing … consider the era dn the way this stands up … when the backing horns come in it is immediately ‘dated’ … but what Cat Anderson plays is very hip and modern … 3.09 3.11 plays diminished lines. This guy had it all … could not be classed as ‘just a high note player’.

  18. ryanspanger:

    its sad that cat anderson never clicked with any other bands

    It’s as if he could only play with duke

  19. smoothbv:

    nope it’s not ray brown, the guy playing this is John Lamb.

  20. signupandmakemoney:

    I like it, I never heard Cat play like this, with a double C in it, you know what I mean?

  21. chas63:

    This makes me want to run over to the rehearsal space and practice my horn.

  22. EamonnRyan8:

    @2Young4OldFashioned sounds like Ray Brown. Sounds like it. Can not confirm nor deny.

  23. EamonnRyan8:

    the very first to record the trumpet scream.

  24. dannyefernandez:

    HA! 2:46

  25. TheBijbij123:

    one of the best

  26. TheLordSheogorath:

    That goose is soooo cute! ^_^

  27. SAmsonith:

    @gurlzrool Naut wrong with spongebob, just becuase this is older doesn’t mean its better.

  28. tails230:

    Felix kind of looks, sounds and act like a little kid. So its possible is Felix is young in these pictures.

  29. TheMaskedAnimator:

    @medexamtoolsdotcom he was voiced by a women, Mae Questel to be exact. though you probably know her better as Betty Boop or Olive Oyl

  30. Nodog438:

    The Golden Egg that Laid the Goose.

  31. 03mrx:

    5:59 «WHY YOU LITTLE-»
    I was expecting the pirate to strangle Felix… if you know what I mean

  32. Greatsaiyakirby:

    @wallykasp He’s clearly a kid here, I doubt he knows how the economy works. 😀

  33. Auditorius7:

    I like the pirates’ song. I’ve ended up randomly singing to myself every now and then ever since I first saw this cartoon in the spring of 1987.

  34. MindOfCreativity:

    @TheMusicMan1012 Oh believe me, I’ve seen that movie. It was … horrible.

  35. TheMusicMan1012:

    @MindOfCreativity Most people say that, right before they watch Felix the Cat the movie, then we don’t know what they think after that because they kill themselves

  36. MindOfCreativity:

    Felix >>>>>> Mickey

  37. SparkyMK3:

    @1Cor10x31media none that were commercially available, but prototypes existed for the rich folk. TV didnt go mainstream until the 1950’s.

  38. 1Cor10x31media:

    was this really from ’36? Did they have TVS back then!?

  39. AldousLeary:

    if you see in a certain way, the cartoon is full of political symbolism
    related to great depression and the new deal policy
    pretty inspiring! cause nowadays the same struggle is fought all over again…

  40. bbsb300:

    Love happy endings lol! Cheers Billy 😉

  41. Fr3derick:


    Grandma Mary

  42. oneillkevin87:

    Felix don’t give a F*CK about inflation!

  43. ZeldaTheSwordsman:

    @joedanja This is especially true of the old theatrical shorts.

  44. SassiTheKitty:

    @gurlzrool me too, good times

  45. JuanDVene:

    @Matt19390 ur lucky i dont know wher u liv

  46. JuanDVene:

    @icexiangwu the idiot icexiangwu doesnt hav any imaination FAIL!!!

  47. JuanDVene:

    @xMadamGuillotinex agreed

  48. JuanDVene:

    @Zilla10101042 its the cause a little something called IMAGINATION!!! look it up

  49. blardyblar000:

    inflationnnnnn xD lol I love this cartoon

  50. MrLemonyFresh:

    If only physics were this convenient and musical in real life!