Cat Week, Day Four


Ellen usually only shows one video each day, but Portia was not satisfied! So, for day four, Ellen featured two cat videos. Watch them here.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Cat Week, Day Four”

  1. DexterMorgan619:

    @Lotti81 Oskar the Blind Cat

  2. Lotti81:

    You know that the first cat is blind? -3
    love the gambler cat as well.

  3. ahmeow123:

    SO CUTE!!!

  4. tummieshai:

    1:19 she’ll love this….

    for sure. =)

  5. PuReHoTeNeRgY:

    ‘Day for of cat week and here’s a tip, if you wanna laugh harder, eat some cat nip’

  6. TeddyBearz109:

    Can the kitty sense the paper was in there?

  7. TheIcemangirl:


  8. 808state4thawin:

    *stare* That paperz iz in dar! FALCON SWIPE!!!!

  9. MariJoseBieber:

    ay k cocadaaaaaaaaaaa k guapo

  10. MariJoseBieber:

    Spanish subtitles xd you´re going too fast for me i dont understand all

  11. jordynyarker:

    haha awesome that 2nd cat is kewllll and i love u ellen xx

  12. clopez98ful:

    coool trick

  13. DontTouchMySunburn:

    They were in the same place as where it started.. of course the cat’s gonna know where it is.

  14. Msbluejay17:

    I think that cat can see through things.

  15. JustLag:

    the second cat, amazing, he’s clever than me :O xD

  16. SophiaofOz:

    HahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahah cute !!!

  17. femkeanders:

    @BereniceGuegan or smelling

  18. rishiibishii:

    just because he’s good looking doesnt mean he’s dumb

  19. Bubbaliina:

    That is so cute :)

  20. harleysoccer23:

    That’s an amazingly smart cat!

  21. zombieinwaiting:

    @joimarise if you re watch the video, and you watch the second time he switches them up with the black and white kitty you’ll see him lift it up and show the cat where its at.

  22. jackrussel999:

    @Mileneum69 No, when he switches them around, they leave the original spot and come back to it, like I said, regardless of where it is he he can smell it.

  23. Mileneum69:

    @jackrussel999 The first time it was in the middle and the second time it was on the right. They werent in the same place.

  24. Mileneum69:

    @joimarise lol and all other cute kitty’s are stupid?

  25. jackrussel999:

    BUTHE PUTS IT IN THE SAME PLACE, plus he can smell it out!