Girls FAIL Compilation 4


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25 комментариев на “Girls FAIL Compilation 4”

  1. hagiospneuma23:

    best one is the SLING SHOT at the end!!!! hahahahahahha

  2. stupidpixi:

    4:10 i like H.I.M. too.

  3. DaShiz992:

    07:25 that is hilarious!

  4. originalbobbeast3:


  5. MegaDhproductions:

    Sexists 5, feminists 0

  6. SpazMcJesus:

    ive learned 2 things. girls should not skateboard or ride a dirt bike with out a helmet. or without practice

  7. WeJustSky:

    @Duploking1 i need it too

  8. Butcherboytroy:

    watermelon to the head is by far the best, i nearly wet myself laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lancerockz:

    2:00 omg did she diee?????!!!?????!!!!!!

  10. ProStringsify:

    9:15 «oh shet, OH SHET, OH SHET!!»

  11. pramesh4:

    which music is dat starting 9:15

  12. Arniegtr:

    This is great

  13. shinkueagle:

    9:50 — IN YOUR MF’ing FACE!

  14. shinkueagle:

    9:43 — IN YOUR MF’ing FACE!

  15. ilja1000000:

    9:45 ;:D

  16. slashdif:

    lol theyre so dumb

  17. einmalderfelixbitte:

    9:32 -> porsche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry

  18. einmalderfelixbitte:

    6:32 -> porsche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. blablabla8172:

    09:25 What’s the name of that song?

  20. blablabla8172:

    @TheLK42 True.She’s a shemale,not a girl.

  21. trombaraider:

    @jonhyman232 Nope. She’s dead.

  22. jonhyman232:

    is she ok at 2:00 ?

  23. Duploking1:

    music title 06:30 pls^^

  24. Duploking1:

    why girls cant handle with guns? its so ridicolous when you see that they are so scared of that gun that they dont hold it close enough….. and then bam headshot when you know what i mean^^
    sry for bad english

  25. 89Ffmboy:

    these are the most stupid girls in the hole world, enjoy it