This is the BEST CAT TOY! My kittens LOVE the hamster balls!! Abyssinian kittens are so entertaining!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Kitten ADDICTED to HAMSTER BALL!!”

  1. akaozz:

    Its my turn

  2. NikiiCar:

    Nice video! ^^

  3. mysterieuse72:

    ohhhhhhh qu’ils sont mignons!!!!! <3

  4. AnimeAngelPrincess:

    @momofeightpaws either that or they are avid dog lovers that think dogs are superior to cats

  5. Wraithorn11:

    Aaaaand…5 people in the world need a hug.

  6. Sexaulchocalte100:

    i can think of a couple of perverted things i can do with a hamster ball

  7. emmy96321:

    Cutest thing ever

  8. austrorus:

    what can someone DISLIKE on a video like that?

  9. GladYUSTORM:

    1:55 faaaailll 😀

  10. binkyt11:


  11. momofeightpaws:

    I think the dislikers probably don’t know how to use a mouse or touchpad and accidentally clicked on the dislike i.o. like 🙂

  12. reverendbug:

    for those thinking of getting a ball for their kittens, might i suggest a ferret ball? it’s larger than a hamster ball so they can get more use out of it for longer! 😀

  13. honzl11:

    good music, good video. sucefull good.

  14. quiettornado1970:

    I’ve read a lot of cat books but some may say that abbys are the Albert Einstein of the cat world.

  15. reneecalling:

    Kittens never fail to amaze me.

  16. Rattata:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to give the ball a spin with the cat inside? 😀

  17. juodis1001:


  18. thebentleyshow1:


  19. TheTheCatshow89:

    Very funny

  20. TheBlackDinosaur:

    they’re playing soccer! 😀

  21. rpengler1:

    Why not get a bit larger ball that they can actually run around in?

  22. RhemaAlHayek:

    I suddenly have the urge to go out and buy a hamster ball for my kittens

  23. NurseBevable:

    This is such a cute video! and I love the music you chose 🙂

  24. creativebeam1:

    How cute are they! Love them.

  25. Lokim23:

    3 dislikers are jealous they don’t have a hamster ball kitten!