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My incredibly (freakishly) patient cat, Bosn, stoically enduring the affections of my daughter, Laurelin. (and before you get into your «poor kitty»s, realise that he approached her and laid down next to her, knowing from experience that this sort of loving mauling would follow)
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49 комментариев на “WINTER CLASSIC”

  1. jordangadeke:

    Dominoe Mutley Spotticus McDog

  2. QChii:

    «Nylah.» «Meow?» Haha too cute. 

  3. nataliegoobxoxo:

    @702bonanza lmfao no….he was IN the air force…

  4. moviemand121:


  5. MissPrincessPie:


  6. BigOvi8:

    Go Caps!!! You know what’s weird I live in Buffalo (SUCKY CITY) and I love everything Washington! Caps, Nationals, Redskins. I actually hate Buffalo not winning against the Flyers last year in the Playoffs because if they won. my Caps would of swept Buffalo. But sadly got swept by Tampa Bay. Uggggggggggh!

  7. XxSylentSniper:


  8. 702bonanza:

    is jesse joining the air force?

  9. zeke83:

    Jimmy is the bomb!

  10. 123whiteswan:

    my 2 month year old kitten watches your vids with me, he love ny ny every time you show her he get really close to the sceen <3

  11. 123whiteswan:

    Domino Mutley Spotticus McDog SAAAAAN!!!!!!

  12. meganbabe16:

    domino mutliee spotticous mcdawwg(: SAAN!(:

  13. punisheralex:

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  14. DTAxGamingx:

    You live in philly i do to

  15. fordies4:

    Domino Mutley Spotticus McDog SAAAAAN

  16. kinebj95:

    i loooooooooooove Nylah

  17. TheTMoney35:

    dominomutleyspoticusmcdoggy SAAAAAN!!!

  18. bigred04101:

    Domino Mutley Spoticuss McDoggy

  19. PrankComedyTV:


  20. SCREAMOpants:

    @cubersaywhat When I read the beginning of the comment I was like, «seriously?» then I read, «I kid» ahahahaha then I laughed:D

  21. Love123041:


  22. Seven7eh:

    @JOS1991727 I know there first vlogs are different, Im typing About now, why would you bring up the past?

  23. cubersaywhat:

    Ugh!!!! How to they go to sleep with that loud music at the end of there videos!!! Lol I kid!!

  24. 98haxer98:

    @Love123041 Its probably Final Cut Pro X, not sure since I don’t have a Mac.

  25. JOS1991727:

    @Seven7eh check their very first vlogs. I am sick arguing with you on this dumpiest topic. They start everyday vlog not a long time ago.

  26. cindyns1:

    Wow that cat has too much loving if there is such a thing, but they are so cute and the cat was enjoying all the attention any cat should recieve, the baby was just showing love and affection as her mom said and moved away when he felt he had enough, thanks for this video

  27. Tenraiden:

    OK nevermind the cat, are you sure the BABY is going to be okay?
    Even if the animal stays indoors in a pristinely clean house all the time it’s bound to have something the kid’s immune system might not be mature enough to handle.

  28. cha6894:

    she’s really love that cat

  29. KissMeBubble1320:

    the cat : what’s wrong with this baby ?

  30. flutterkat09:

    what a cutie =)

  31. xxjjp1xx:

    I could really use some fuzz therapy as well

  32. vanessa000fly:

    its normal, its a radgool, a kind a cat hoo lets him all soft. hees like lazy and relax and fat

  33. tuzisyy:

    @XxMarselxX98 have to agree with u, this baby is sort of scary

  34. candym4nkills:

    i bet you the cat is like, ‘i’m really too lazy to deal with this crap, so i’m going to just lay here and play dead until this kid stops..’

  35. tysgirl13:

    Sounds like she’s saying….»My baby» to the kitty. so cute

  36. jjvictor66:


  37. HyperRush79:

    the ca is fatty

  38. revvluckycharms:

    @XxMarselxX98 You do realize that the cat is smart enough to walk away if it’s getting hurt?

  39. carnthemightroos4eva:

    cute! I bet the cat’s thinking ‘oh it’s only Laurelin laying on me. Better be patient’

  40. althoir88:

    @XxMarselxX98 Ironically you were once an annoying baby too at some point.

  41. tppanther700:

    I can’t believe how calm that cat is! 🙂

  42. jakubene:

    the cat is just too lazy to scratch out the babys eyes :)

  43. MJSmoothMJCriminal:


  44. XxMarselxX98:

    wtf! i hate babys i think that that baby shuldent tuch any cat hes hurting the cat

  45. Eilean26:

    lo voglio anch’io un gatto come Bosn…

  46. MissWhatxEver:

    Maybe the cat is too old to move…

    Poor cat

  47. avinash07guddu:


  48. lenagail:

    awww that baby honestly loves that cat.

  49. delaatstev8:

    that’s adorable