Animal X Classic Episode 7


1) Egypt : CAT CULT (DUR: 7’51) Throughout the ages the cat has been cursed as a demon by some and venerated in other periods as a deity. Nowhere was the cat more revered than in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians are credited with domesticating felines 5000 years ago. Its thought that all cats in Europe are descendants from the Egyptian’s pets. But the cat wasn’t just a respected member of the household it was a goddess. Bastet or Bast as she is also known was the cat goddess. She was the goddess of love, joy and fertility. Her name was found in one of the pyramids of Giza. It’s believed that she was protector of the North of Egypt. She also guarded the body of the kings. At Bubastis, 80 kilometres North-east of Cairo archaeologists discovered a vast necropolis containing mummified cats. Thirteen temples dedicated to the cat were also found there. At Bubastis, Bast was celebrated with huge festivals. Even today there are still followers of Bast. Animal X obtained exclusive home video of the cat cult in California. Hundreds or perhaps even more follow the ancient teachings and give offerings to Bast, just as they did thousands of years ago. 2) Australia : ALIEN ANIMALS (DUR: 6’19) Many people believe we have been visited by alien beings from other planets … so is it possible that they sometimes travel with their inter-galactic pets? Animal X investigates strange tales from Australia which suggest that earth is now home to alien animals which have been brought here
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. AustralianWolf11:

    jeez…whats next from the animal x for Australia?? heh…

  2. SacredAge:

    july 16 2010 a few friends & i went ufo hunting in a town in Ontario. use to seeing anomalies in the skies. on this night, we wanted a contact. Ask & receive. things started moving through the woods, we made a run for it! as we near the camper, we all saw this white human like dog on all fours, smelled like rotted corpse, its ass end was higher than the head and its head very low, very skinny. anyone know? please inform me. 3 months after that «deer cam creature» picture surfaced.sorta similar.

  3. yznum73:

    @derthensbane Agreed. I believe in science. God is a joke! I fear no god.

  4. derthensbane:

    religion lol. for weak minded fools

  5. TheOldMan100:

    @Mantonization There is a huge difference between free speech and a common insult. Only a rubber dingie would not know the difference.

  6. Mantonization:

    @TheOldMan100 EVERYONE has the right to joke about ANY religion. I belief it falls under this little thing called ‘Free Speech’.

  7. TheOldMan100:

    @Mantonization Well EXCUSE me for not knowing that he had the right to joke about another mans religion. Next time please inform me if another person has the right to joke about another mans religion.

  8. Mantonization:


    He was making a joke, you anal-retentive bastard.

  9. MaTaRoe:

    theres always some crazy creature in australia

  10. TheOldMan100:

    @LisaSimpsonLover And just on what facts does that theory come from? Are you perhaps an escaped AA member in this cult? If not then please go fuck yourself, you hating bastard.

  11. LisaSimpsonLover:

    The Cat Cult is a bunch of escape AA members

  12. Hivemaster100:

    The hivefleet is coming

  13. 936justme:

    nills or nails? to Mr. Hawas, the egyptian archeologist.

  14. CollapseDev:

    Cool! ….And Spooky.

  15. rockieluv15:

    You should draw a bunny girl!!!

  16. QueenHeadshot:

    i tried to draw this. now my sharpener and my rubber are broken.

  17. aniart13:

    Ok so I’m no pro like mark (so take this with a grain of salt) but I would have drawn her with a hand folded up next to her cheek, fingers folded in and her mouth open, exposing a fang or protruding tooth and wrote «nyaa» beside it

  18. cherrychapstick9021:

    @Whyamibzsdmh hey not all americans are fat, alot but not all ^.^

  19. mrkisukes:

    @Hekatonkas that’s wrong man…go get some help

  20. supersingermarina:


  21. ArtistiManiac:


  22. carben2000:

    You are awesome. Your talent have a very high level! 😀

  23. AmazonBF:

    what videos is it he tells us about the pencil he uses?

  24. AmazonBF:

    what videos is it he tells us about the pencil he uses?

  25. Z6D4C4:

    @KnockxYouxDown666 @Whyamibzsdmh So… those who think cat-girls are hot… are obviously, using logic beyond understanding, virgins. I think that about settles everything.

  26. streakthehedgehog76:

    I know you don’t really take request but after seeing this I wondered if you could draw felicia from the Darkstalkers franchise I only know about here because of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise so if you could do that it would be be great

  27. Whyamibzsdmh:

    @KnockxYouxDown666 Hey, atleast i’m not a fatass american like yourself.

  28. KnockxYouxDown666:

    @Whyamibzsdmh Aww, the little Scandinavian motherfucker’s upset… He’s off blocking everyone who comments at him. Hahahahahaha… You insecure, Viking trash. Rage more, kid.

  29. cantgetme92:

    @MangaLixy Chuck Norris

  30. Hiyoutaful:

    ty for the instruction

  31. WorldDoYourWorst98:

    For some reason I got really excited at the end product and I was jumping up and down in my chair like «That is SO CUTE!!» XP

  32. saph2104:

    @animeartist404 No….You watched a step by step guide..anyone can do it fucktard.

  33. AnimeCrazy2018:

    @sakura8112 oh thats nice. you would be shocked on how many kids 11 and up are on here. and thank you at least you read my comment .;)

  34. ImJustOnePerson1:

    @animeartist404 xD

  35. fastjacksonmin:

    Mark’s hallmark-wrapping-up: I’ll be back with another one, real soon…

  36. qpmv:

    i think you should draw a demon there really cool

  37. Whyamibzsdmh:

    @naturegal427 Nice to meet you too.