The Ben Heck Show — Creating Mods with Thanksgiving Leftovers


In the spirit of «turkey sandwiches for weeks,» Ben looks around his shop to see what project he can make from the year’s leftover electronics parts from all his mods, hacks and inventions. He comes up with an original way to make fat cats exercise using laser pointers! 00:42 Scrounging for Parts Ben looks around his shop to see what useful spare parts he can find (and caulk). 02:23 Super Size Cat Inspired by his sister’s ridiculously fat cat, Ben designs a laser pointer that amuses your cats while you’re away. 02:54Hot Glue & Dreams Ben sketches out how to build the Cat Exerciser and then starts putting it together. Laser Cats Ben offers the device to Trash Cat, and we see it used with actual cats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like, Comment & Share This Video: Never miss and episode- Subscribe for free!: Watch more Ben Heck: Follow Ben on Twitter: Like The Ben Heck Show on Facebook: ABOUT THE BEN HECK SHOW Join master hacker, engineer, and conjurer of cool mods Ben Heck as he tackles a new project every other week. Submit YOUR idea for what Ben should build next at
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New channel! All subsequent videos will be posted there. If any of you lovely people are on Twitter and would like to follow me, click here: Edit: a HUGE thank you to everyone who has subscribed to me, or commented, liked, favourited, shared.. or just generally enjoyed my video! I read all your comments, and every single one makes me smile 🙂 and by the way, if anyone was searching for Nuclearbones’ comment (or anyone else’s) just message me and I can tell you, haha! (I was SO HAPPY when youtuber TheMeanKitty (Cory Williams of SMPfilms) noticed this and commented.. if you go to one of the first pages of comments you’ll see! :D) ————————————————- —Thank you to my amazing brother, Kris, who designed, filmed and edited the beginning intro 🙂 — So hey everyone! This is basically the introduction/practice to a new thing I’m trying out: speed drawing (or ‘time-lapse’). This drawing was only a quick and rough one, took about an hour in full length, but it was just to try out the camera and program and everything. I’m age 15 so I know I’ve got a lot to improve on! The photo I used to draw this from was a pic I took of the whole face of my neighbour’s cat — I zoomed in on the eye. She’s a really beautiful animal, and I hope to draw the whole picture sometime. Sorry about the random change of focus halfway through; as I say, this is a practice and at first the focus wasn’t set right, so I altered it when I realised
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “The Ben Heck Show — Creating Mods with Thanksgiving Leftovers”

  1. Jredgrave128:

    The intro makes me want a neo geo mvs, fill it with metal slug and king of fighters

  2. Andragon90:

    Jesus Christ, Ben. You’re a fucking genius.

  3. oJAYBOYx:

    You are a geek and thats why your my hero 😀

  4. MrAdventuretimefan1:

    cats dont eat catnip they snif and get high off of it

  5. grex629:

    zi have the exact same mouse as you

  6. The8BITNews:

    can u control it with an xbox controller

  7. killerpoopguy:

    you can buy those for $20

  8. flavadave123:

    If you want to give me some of those pic sets so I can experiment with them and learn about them i wouldn’t mind.

  9. MinecraftTechnic:

    @skr101274 he already changed the internet, the world will be a piece of cake =P

  10. FuturamaFreakl:

    @skr101274 His «the best» what?

  11. LlednarWerdna:

    i wish my cat could talk like that!

  12. theobagy:

    hey what about a usb port for a atari controller to just have a free moment thingy

  13. DWayneGaming:

    @mRwhite298 get some kind of cooling system for it. cause its over heating and thats what causes the RROD.

  14. mRwhite298:

    @ukeleleboy97 Nice Excellent no good solution!!

  15. ukeleleboy97:

    @mRwhite298 replace the red red led’s with green ones.

  16. ecm86:

    Great show.. always love seeing new episodes..As others have expressed, the Jabba thing was freaken

  17. TwoScrewsLoose:

    Rahahaha! Hoo hoo hoo! Falis cachoo hedonistic lifestyle! 😀

  18. skr101274:

    YOu Will Change The World Ben YOur The Best!!! 🙂

  19. xevilstar:

    lmao for jabba :)

  20. n00bp0w3r:

    @mRwhite298 The best way is, buy a Ps3.

  21. jackas95:

    @mRwhite298 buy PS3 ;P

  22. mRwhite298:

    Hello what is best way to prevent RROD in XBOX360

  23. Rebelgium:

    Behold Jabba the cat!

  24. httpkiller:

    Those cheap laserpointers have more output when overpowered. I think a LED + Focus lens would be safer for the cat. And you can also use a RGB one.

  25. NanoMintx:

    did i spot garfield? :D

  26. EveryOtherNameIsTook:

    i thought the thumbnail was what you were drawing from :O

  27. Doootsaurz:


  28. RinSwarovski:

    s . h . i . t . i would take two hours trying to draw the outline of the eye

  29. SnowxXxLeopard:

    @MaDzLoVeSaLeKa maybe so. But keep practicing and you could do this too one day! 😀

  30. MaDzLoVeSaLeKa:

    i always thought i was a good drawer, i now realise im not.

  31. cyberhen10:

    thumbs up if u think u could draw THAT.

  32. crazycatlady1231:


  33. WQFHWCSLonepine:

    this is my mind kaboom =3

  34. xMaumi:

    i watched behind me to see were that cat was looking to ;$;$;$

  35. D00dlekit:

    O.M.G. I use the same pencils as you!!!!!

  36. PurplePoppyAnimator:

    13 people are dogs…..

  37. gamerguy10101:

    Before watching the video only looking at the thumbnail: No way that’s a drawing

    After watching the video: :O

  38. ForeverxMe1:

    I feel like how when I’m playing my sister’s Super Mario game and I’m watching Luigi be the Super Guide and do the course that I couldn’t do. Like, that looks so easy, but in reality, it’s hard.

  39. imjustbetterman:

    wo wo wo wo wo wo wowwwwwww

  40. Maliekinz:

    I like it a lot, it’s just so sad that it’s so blurry :/

  41. TheRibenaGina:

    I kowtow to you… :D

  42. iTiqer:

    Sir. That Drawing Was So Real That You Made The World Look Fake.

  43. AznTigerFTW:


  44. DotaFanatic:

    but i cant fap to this.

  45. 100chewycandies:

    *.* im awe strucken…. THIS IS SO COOL.. GREAT JOB

  46. LakotasFunniness:

    13 People can’t draw hehehee..

  47. xXStaticGlamourXx:

    That was amazing.

  48. LutinPunk:

    I don’t care about the camera «sudden change» !!! as long as your style don’t change 🙂 you’re awesome! Inspiring!

  49. nah515:


  50. oOoOSilence:

    what sorcery is this?