Frustrated kitten making hilarious sound.


Casper’s best friend and worst enemy is the green laser. He gets really frustrated when he can never «catch» it, and starts making the weird sound cats make when they’re hunting something. PS For those who have been asking: he may be half Maine Coon, but we aren’t sure. His mother (my boyfriend’s cat) is a calico, and based on his siblings’ coloring we think his dad was a Birman — especially since we know one of our neighbors has a Birman who gets outside sometimes. But again, we really don’t know.

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25 комментариев на “Frustrated kitten making hilarious sound.”

  1. strideninja:

    I saw something interesting on a documentary saying that the mechanics of a cats eye makes it almost impossible for it to be damaged by a laser.

  2. MangaCrazy101:

    My cat used to do that when she was hungry.

  3. MetalGearNexus1903:


  4. MikeMsDaughter11:

    My cat does this when our dog barks at him from outside the screen door.

  5. TheOkinawanShuffler:

    @TheOkinawanShuffler just red the description nevermind

  6. TheOkinawanShuffler:

    one thing for sure its not a laser pointer….

  7. TangledFanForever:

    such a cute cat

  8. sexysquirky:

    hahah hes like ‘heyheyheyheyhey… heyheyheyhey’

  9. arunimapaul2008:

    Such a pretty looking cat….very cute…

  10. EmilyYancey:

    @2:10 OH GOD THE EYES!

  11. stimps1000:

    @Slammed302 same here

  12. magentastar1515:

    the cat sounds like it is laughing xD funny and cute video ^^

  13. serpentzara:

    @Slammed302 omg , mine too. :o

  14. achmedlolol:

    They make the catnip way too strong nowadays.

  15. Slammed302:

    My cat does this when he see’s a bird outside from the window.

  16. JamesCurtisOKC:

    looks like my kitten acts like it!

  17. moonlightechos:

    @blueheartedskittles Mine too. I think it’s awesome cats do this. 🙂

  18. moonlightechos:

    What a pretty kitty. <3 Aww... 😀

  19. angelcheese777:


  20. thurmanrandy:

    @BigO161107 It works, too. I seen my cat do it a couple times, she was by the fence and a bird was above her, she started chattering and the bird landed right in front of her and she ate it. She passed away eventually.

  21. singstar739:

    Should be …doiing homework….oh look! one more wont hurt me….

  22. meg4401:

    my cat does this…to birds…

  23. zcd98:

    lay off the catnip bro xD

  24. marinacrd:

    poor cat, he looks so nervous :/

  25. GavrilDemi:

    this cat looks seriously disturbed ^^