Talking Kitty Cat 19 — Sylvester Goes To Jail


In this episode, Sylvester the talking kitty cat wants out of the house. After his owner (Steve Cash) gives in and opens the front door, the kitty runs away. After a few days, Steve finds out that Sylvester has been locked up at the pound. He never learns. Flaggle Claggle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Oh, it’s someones birthday alright! 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Talking Kitty Cat 19 — Sylvester Goes To Jail”

  1. namikejohnson:


    I think it was summed up best by saying declawing a cat is like someone taking a cigar cutter and cutting your fingers off at the first or second knuckle.

  2. hotman28ful:

    pody mouth

  3. LynnTheEpicMermaid:

    Ima go to that pound and take the cat with the cute accent » pick me» and take him home!

  4. CrossKiryu:

    I love the pound cat. Lol. «Pick me!»

  5. XxDrama17QueenxX:


  6. MrAWESOME9812:

    5:19 is funny

  7. kushkrumpin12:

    lol nice, i have a kitty to but she listens to me lol go Sylvester go

  8. sirstarmagic:

    @norgatesucks099 meow.

  9. colinacx:

    «Lwt me the FUCK OUT»Fine you little bastard !!!!!!!!! XD lol

  10. sweetcupcake22334455:

    excuse me were did you get your cat??
    hes so cute

  11. ybuen5292:

    I wonder how my teacher will react if I got a call like that.

  12. vazwhittle666:

    these are awesome, keep them coming, i love sylvaster

  13. zebralovermh:

    138 dollars what pound did he go to it was 50 dollars to get our 3 dogs out of doggie jail

  14. 116sonja:

    i like Sylvester’s voice 

  15. 1987selenas:

    Love your movies keep making them !

  16. lpslover123459:

    my cat looks just like slvester  BUT A GIRL mybe they can hang out because my cat is THE WERST OF THE WERST!!!

  17. CaramelCleo:

    «Get….Caught?» lol… That sounded right to me. *shrug*

  18. globaljulesLOVE:

    Who the heck is Todd…

  19. aslxk:

    This video actually made me cry, i cant even go to pet smart on the days they have the adoption days because i would end up coming home with them and all and I already on the verge of being a future crazy cat lady

  20. NodDisciple1:

    3:06 Whats’ that song?  XD

  21. NodDisciple1:

    1:25 Oh, for Pete’s sake, just give the Psycho Kat a chip implant so you can track him! XP

  22. MegaKittyCatLover123:


  23. ekstar5000:

    @TheJrallen421 woah I do not remember posting that comment. The effects of sleep deprivation and cat videos = mild amnesia.

  24. crazycatlady39:

    Steve: Did you learn anything in there???
    Sylvester: Nothing you wanna know.

  25. TheJrallen421:

    I like the part when he asks sylvester, «So what are you NOT gonna do next time?» Sylvester- «Get… Caught?»

  26. crazydave303:

    I found it really hard to masturbate to this.

  27. SitWano:

    «they said Wank wank wank… everybody do it now.. wank wank wank… there’s really nothing to it» @ 1:00

  28. JayashriV:

    Love it 🙂 But for some odd reason, I can only hear the ducks singing «wank wank wank» D:
    Where did my innocence go? :-/

  29. lyricalpraise:

    …good thing they weren’t eating cow-pies.

  30. LoLitzPenguin:

    @LilReena34 lol they scared the crap out of me!! 🙂 XD

  31. NeedMoney4SpaghettiO:

    After years searching for this song…FINALLY! I FOUND IT! :DDDD

    I need a life.

  32. mirandasblog:

    when a rooster wants to say happy birthday to you he says ….

  33. billypfan:

    omg my neice just turned 16,, ive sang this to her every bday since she was a baby

  34. Cristianandtupac:

    can u help me find a birthday song by sesame streeet its lyrics say » we wish for you a sunny day a broken toy and a rubber duck and lots and lots of cookies to eaT! happy birthday to you from sesame street» i cant find it anywhere!!!! please reply if u kno w thanks

  35. Rexicity:

    …and then the lion ate them all…it was a sad sad party

  36. BKAllmighty:

    that poor little duckling 0:43.

  37. monkeyfm:

    My teacher sings this song for birthday people! MOO!

  38. rct126:

    The cows looked bored.

  39. TheTKC:

    I like how the animals all eat their own kind. Cow’s eat cow cakes eh? lol

  40. ronzilla3000:

    will smith watch out!!!

  41. LilReena34:

    O_o…the cows scared me. ^^’ XDDD

  42. AndyRespire:

    Looks like Ernie has been tanning.

  43. somaligurl100:

    Ohhh How i love this song! I love the rooster part its sooo funny! 🙂 Thanks for posting this i needed it!

  44. brisayshi:

    Birthday is on the 26th. 😀

  45. freshymcFat:

    this makes me super happy everytime i hear it lol thanks for posting!

  46. deathsmiled:

    Let us make it for you next year!
    Our Happy Birthday cake is homemade with great delight and is available in three flavors: tuna, mackerel and salmon kitty
    Cake icings come in white/yogurt
    Letters come in Pink or Blue
    Just make your choices for an all natural custom made cat birthday cake. All of our cat cakes are made with only the finest FDA approved ingredients sourced in the U. S. So, come on…..join the pawty!!!

    Pampered Paw Gifts

  47. Dekobee:

    Cat cake? That sounds gross!

  48. nomorekiffin:

    Awesome, awesome man where have all the good sesame street tunes gone?

  49. fairymairah:

    i love this song when i first heard it on sesame street 😀 grover interupted it on play with me sesame and i was like aw man but not too seriously even though i liked the song and i was HEY i want to hear the song doggone it ! ! ! ! !

  50. TelephoneRock4ever:

    @JunieBJones16: Hehe, thanks! :-)