NON-STOP NYEH CAT! (10 Minute and 3 Second Loop)


READ DESCRIPTION PLZ. Alright, I added a loop annotation so now the video actually is «Non-stop». If you turn the annotation off it will go back to just a 10 min. loop. From the end of episode 52 of Yu-Gi-Oh! the abridged series. Looped by me. Every now and again it’ll skip up a little, but its not extremely noticeable.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментария на “NON-STOP NYEH CAT! (10 Minute and 3 Second Loop)”

  1. zelos660:

    Okey now I hate cats And Brooklyn people ….. Just joking cats r cute and Brooks r ok but Lil’kuriboh’s epic awesome : )

  2. WhirledKazuhira:


  3. WhirledKazuhira:

    O_O i cant believe that i sat though 10 hours of this.

  4. MrQwertyfart123:

    Sound like he’s saying giggity.And I’m a girl who’s only 8 so I would’nt want to run into Quagmire. :

  5. totalcrazyisland1:

    Yo dawg I heard u like memes, so we put a meme inside a meme

  6. manutdbasha:

    hmm, i listen to this to get to sleep.

  7. PokemonVocaloid323:

    wow the original was auto tuned hatsune miku in Japan which says nyan…
    BUT OURS IS BY LITTLEKURIBOH and our is better bcuz is says nyeh.

  8. iGPK1987:

    You gotta be kitten me! :3

  9. SETSUNA108:

    this has got to be the best thing EVER xD

  10. TheVideogamemaster9:

    faved, and at 5 minutes and 1 and a half seconds. so addicting to watch

  11. Kr1z92:

    nyeh………….IN AMERICA!

  12. nintendosforce:

    Is it sad that I actually sat through the whole thing?

  13. TheTennantfan:

    after watching this after like forever, I realized his body is a card, not a pop-tart

  14. hail27369:


  15. evilbananalol:

    is it sad if i used this as background music when i do my hw?



  17. bmw4242001:

    is Joey naked? ._.

  18. DaigurenHyourinmaru2:

    Whats that crucial missing part? And when I showed this to my family, they just walked away. Party poopers they are.

  19. squwerty:

    I almost choked from laughing…

  20. IggyVRam:

    This is missing a crucial part of the original Nyan-cat and that’s preventing me from liking this. Cool loop though.

  21. yugiohAWS:

    this gave me a nyeh boner

  22. DroneSix:

    Thumbs up if you can actually watch the whole thing without doing anything else!

  23. Lennyohh:

    This is now my new work motivation, keep this going until I finish, it’ll annoy me to the point where I will actually work just to turn it off XD

  24. stranger2442:

    I love you.