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Dick Figures – A Bee or Something


Dick Figures Season Finale is here! Click or die. – bit.ly Dick Figures Season 3 Soundtrack out now – bit.ly Blue got dumped. He’s having a bad day. Red’s voice becomes auto-tuned. Now Blue is having a worse day. Dіck Figures was created by Ed Skudder, who wrote, directed and voiced the episode along with Zack Keller. Official German-dubbed: www.youtube.com Dick Figures on Facebook tinyurl.com Dick Figures on Facebook tinyurl.com Dick Figures on Twitter twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com

Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. www.youtube.com I begin construction of a Theme Park Tycoon. With a loan and a patch of land, I will create the greatest thing the hit this earth since disneyland…..and it will be called: CREATURELAND!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комм. на “Dick Figures – A Bee or Something”

  1. ThePAnders101:

    but it sounds sick as fuuck

  2. TheSeeingman:

    i like that motherfucka bee :D

  3. Hiddentiger4:

    1:24 Bath Rhymes refference.

  4. yunafantasy25:

    2:04 Retarded Leg

  5. yunafantasy25:

    0:01 He’s walking »BACKWARDS»

  6. DanyelLilWolf:

    1:20 FOREVER ALONE! :’C

  7. hippypuncher:


  8. GuyWithTheMustache:

    @shotchipmunk77, I don’t think ANYONE got the reference.

    Did you get the sarcasm?

  9. shotchipmunk77:

    LMFAO Anyone else get the reference to the song 99 problems by Jay z?
    Im having girl problems
    I feel bad for you son

  10. zartok06:

    @oxXslayerXXo autotune it

  11. oxXslayerXXo:

    how to mak that voice

  12. weird982:


  13. Darko807:

    @magiekid2 I understand «I spend you a new girlfriend…» mhmm

  14. 45tickleme:

    i love this video

  15. Dragonman712:

    T-Pain must be involved in this!!! xD

  16. SoberInebriate:

    1:15 turn on closed captioning transcribe audio

  17. Frank2k12:

    Ohhh That, I Swallowed a Bee or something, Maybe a Robot Frog! i dunno, but it sounds sick as fuckkkk! XD

  18. MISTERtacotheburrito:


  19. nathan992009:

    wow er .
    how did you do reds voice tune ?????

  20. MegaMacbro:

    Sayonara xDDD

  21. pyrologic24:

    ha ha cool fred and funny as fuck

  22. slaymaster999:

    u can go home! never gets old! rofl

  23. SuperTromboneDude:

    All these vids are freakin awesome!

  24. Kerneloystarman:


  25. ProjectDai:

    Am I the only one to notice the lyrics to 99 problems

  26. ThePokegal123:

    here is an idea, your in a desert, BUILD A WATER RIDE

  27. zombiemen11:

    wow only episode 4… well there goes my weekend!!!

  28. nejisemprine:

    great , now you can keep your money until you made an awesome roller coaster , like the first you made :D

  29. ilikeblood33:

    @TheMGMexican still can

  30. TheMGMexican:

    i remember when i could make a incompleat rolocoster and crash it

  31. TheMGMexican:

    Were is my copie of rct3?!?!?!?!!?! mom!!!

  32. EbilBunnie:


  33. xxMcCheesyxx1:

    What you should do is the great «Disney Land System» which is the exit path leads toward a place filled with shopping stalls or what not, something you could sell them. That way they’re forced to go to the are. Just make it modestly cheap, just enough to make a comfortable profit.

  34. StonecoldKobe1337:

    BUILD ANOTHER BADASS ROLLER COASTER AND MAKE IT BETTER THAT BEFORE!!!!. soory bout the caps lock. This is a beast series

  35. MrIpodtouchey:

    i hope kootra realises that you can put the entrance and exit right beside each other and not make crazy paths

  36. FierceCookie:

    @SuperManTV11 He doesn’t want to cheat so f’ off qhee

  37. SuperManTV11:

    rename someone John D Rockefeller to get $10,000, you can do it as much as you want.

  38. TheGameTeddy:

    Wait… Is that roller coaster upside down? Never seen something like that before :O

  39. leighton297:

    i love chair swings :D

  40. StealthyThinking:

    Used to play this game so much… And I think I still will…

  41. 3eneboy:

    @daltondalton100 I’m glad you did.

  42. daltondalton100:

    @3eneboy ahahahah. I laughed so hard at that.

  43. 3eneboy:

    @TrinityPivot That’s not grammar. That was simply using the wrong word. Is that OK with his Lordship? For me to expect people to use the correct word? It’s not nice trying to understand something if the wrong word is used. Here, let me demonstrate.

    «Mushrooms cheese is a cup for you.»

    That was actually meant to say «I like this video»…. But wait! Those aren’t them words? :s How am I supposed to know what it means :s….. Anyway… You get my point.

  44. Futurllamma231:


  45. lorenzo041195:


  46. TrinityPivot:

    @3eneboy Grammar nazi, this is the internet. Who gives a shit about grammar as long as we understand what they’re saying? o.o

  47. TheZainbazaz:

    @littleman1150 lol! rollercoaster tycoon 3

  48. Steve3D27:

    its half price on steam right now 15 bucks i think

  49. profmattgreen:

    @camanddragon less then £5 on amazon so if your US like $10