Kuklachev, Moscow cats theatre 2


DVD — реклама…

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7 комментариев на “Kuklachev, Moscow cats theatre 2”

  1. Ayrsayle:

    Me encantaría que mi gata quisiera aprender algún truco así *w*

    Sin duda Yuri es MUY BUENO.

    Saludos desde Madrid, España x)

  2. irchristo:

    I liked it too!

  3. KarinaJ1989:

    Do you really think a cat likes been told what to do?No. Its abuse and anyone who think this is ethical is ignorant. This is disgusting. He says he uses love but thats bullocks. Anyone can give there cats ‘love’ but that does not mean they will obey you. Interestingly enough youtube doesn’t let me post a link that talks about the abuse these cats endure. The website time for change will tell you all about it. Or type in google moscow cat theatre abuse.

  4. Fawful5:

    I think this may well be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I could hug all those cats as a group!

  5. bombimbom5:


  6. burningballoffire:

    this is fucking terrifying.

  7. mitzyc:

    I love it with all my heart
    I think it is turly amazing
    I cannot belive my eyes