Creatureland Episode 5 (RCT3)


Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. I begin construction of a Theme Park Tycoon. With a loan and a patch of land, I will create the greatest thing the hit this earth since disneyland…..and it will be called: CREATURELAND!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nov 29, 2009 — Dave Franco, who is younger brother of James Franco, talks to Olivia Munn about the new ninth season of the hit comedy «Scrubs». Dave shows pictures his nice cats Harry and Arturo).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комментариев на “Creatureland Episode 5 (RCT3)”

  1. Instinct367:

    lol kootra goes YEEE and the ep ends

  2. MordvsTheWorld:

    Pool’s closed.

  3. septemberBurnsRedd:

    @Minecraftisphun More like I’m letting him know they exist -.- besides he’s like 30 episodes later by now and he hasn’t used it and he obviously isn’t going to.

  4. PrinceKireil:

    @septemberBurnsRedd >:C Tips: Play the game how you like too play it, Learn from your mistakes. Have fun. FUH

  5. baister09:

    5 more likez still 1000!

  6. Minecraftisphun:

    @septemberBurnsRedd no dont tell him to use cheats you mothertrucker

  7. nejisemprine:

    @BodaiouslyInstigated spore’s not a wierd game 🙁 its very funny and you can have hours of fun , yeah its a little bit crazy in some parts of the game but its fun 😀

  8. khanhlehuu:

    Go in, Go in, YEAH! *video ends*

  9. InternetUploader:

    my mum walked in just as kootra said one of the gazelles are pregnant and she thought i was watching wierd porn

  10. TheIamacyborg:

    0:51 or something, NOVA WUZ THERE! xD

  11. jmmp112:

    «Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. »
    *looks behind*
    *Slowly clickes on the like button*

  12. twigme2:

    wave machine, diving board and slide. we have created the ultimate unsafe but fun pool

  13. blowrafael700:

    do a sim of the water slide

  14. executor513:

    @executor513 Other wise….. RAGE MODE ACTIVATED ( earth is gone)

  15. executor513:

    @zKyl3z Deth the kid is.. a kid… who wants EVERYTHING to be Symmetrical

  16. zKyl3z:

    @executor513 who is death the kid?

  17. danniboy651:

    @BodaiouslyInstigated Spore is amazing lokl 😀 the disc I got is defective though. :c

  18. executor513:

    Death the kid is not amused…

  19. lpatriquin:


  20. DaBrianZone:

    @madworldbestsong oh yeah huh i guess every level that is about little fucking kids that copied levels from others or no wait no little kids FUCKing nerds copied them and spam the fuck the search engine on happy wheels… Why did i think that was weird

  21. TheZainbazaz:

    i hate these ads….!!!! just ‘falling skies’ ads…gimme smthin else!

  22. TheMegaHMan42:

    *walks into stall*

  23. habboaddict2:

    @BodaiouslyInstigated All Hail the Browntiles!

  24. Seanisepic924:

    lol at the end
    *Someone enters*
    Kootra: YE-

  25. madworldbestsong:

    @DaBrianZone Happy Wheels isn’t that weird, but the Kitty Adventure one is trippy.

  26. kriissyyyy:

    his laugh is adorable ! <3

  27. TheGabster28:

    Most gorgeous smile in the whole world.

  28. blinkaspunkrocks:

    I think hes high lol

  29. memerules123:

    He laughs weird lol

  30. zacatecas570:

    He looks a lot like model Julian Schratter

  31. yumchocolatee1:


  32. katieforsythh:

    «sheeeeeees my wingmom» such a cutie.

  33. willalwayslovefood:

    He’s so HOT OMG
    The Franco’s have good genes 😉

  34. ummmiloveu:

    i LOOVE how down to earth and goofy he is!!!! i thought he was a DOUCHEBAG cuz hes soooo damn hot! lmao….i stand corrected!

    yay! <3

  35. LadyMcMee:

    » I Remeber thinking like » i’m gettin’ paid right now»» x)

  36. pinksugarganster:

    marlon brando look-a-like?

  37. FranzelFreak:

    omg 5:30 is sooo adorable :D:D
    ..well dave is adorable ♥

  38. juliagustafsson92:

    He’s very cute but he is like a child. Even though he is like 26 years old. =]

  39. 7beccav:

    whatta laugh<3

  40. pinkypearl1000:

    hes such a fool 😀 but hes so cute ♥

  41. africanbeautyqueen89:

    aw he is so adorable, just like his older brother. gotta love the franco brothers <3

  42. juliebogen:

    I love that he spends this whole interview avoiding eye contact <3

  43. YaosaysObjection:

    @ClariAMV He is so delicious am I right? Of course I am.

  44. YaosaysObjection:

    Dave Franco was personally crafted by God, he is probably if not the sexiest man in Hollywood. <3 the Franco family.

  45. elyeezia:

    adorable awkward laugh <3

  46. ClariAMV:

    …Holy crap…He is the definition of my dream guy…

  47. whoiam239:

    loool lovelovelove :D

  48. littlebeexoxo:

    The host annoyed me ..

  49. TheSpringInYourStep:

    He’s so dorky. I LOVE it. <3