Creatureland Episode 1 (RCT3)


Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. I begin construction of a Theme Park Tycoon. With a loan and a patch of land, I will create the greatest thing the hit this earth since disneyland…..and it will be called: CREATURELAND!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Creatureland Episode 1 (RCT3)”

  1. sanfe123:


  2. sanfe123:

    if onky he knew it was just the desert

  3. izzatazizvlog:

    argghhh my eyes.

  4. MidnightFlower13:

    @OpenlySupportingGays *looks at picture* I THOUGHT I CHANGED THAT 11 MONTHS AGO—

  5. OpenlySupportingGays:

    @MidnightFlower13 i love yours too! ^^

    Your picture is ~UGUUU~

  6. MidnightFlower13:

    @OpenlySupportingGays <3 I already bought one off ebay and I'm actually playing it right now~ But thanks for the advice anyway! ps love your username ♥

  7. OpenlySupportingGays:

    @MidnightFlower13 Try going to a gamestop. They usually have it.

  8. ThePokegal123:

    my brother had a roller coaster tycoon game were he charged people to go to the bathroom

  9. nicster988:

    the dislike bar is like a ninja! where is it?

  10. JayBradley93:

    Biggest fail I’ve ever seen

  11. SanchezYT1990:

    @ShadowSnake141 O_O

  12. ShadowSnake141:

    Kootra just had a Durex Intense advert for me….

  13. TheVerser34:

    man this game hasnt advanced much since ive played a few years back but it has advanced

  14. REproductions911:

    RT1 FTW

  15. dylanmaxwell009:

    a perspective person in my posistion would say » swete you introed me to something new » but a energetic adventurous curser like i did would say «FUCK YEAH»

  16. MidnightFlower13:

    uuuugh this game was the first I EVER played. Ever. But recently, I got a new computer, and I didn’t have the disc for the game (even though it’d still play on my computer without the disc…weird) and I forgot to transfer it or something. And now I don’t have RCT3 on my computer anymore. ;A;

  17. Flamingcritcs33:

    I built a ride in RC tycoon 2, water ride in the middle of the lake, to tight of a turn going to fast, full cart, cart flies off the ride and hits a food stand….then blew up…

  18. xXFuSiOnSXx:

    1:23 Creature giggle. :D

  19. ShadoShade:

    You know, I prefer having umbrellas right next to the entrance… I mean, we do go in the middle of the day in the desert.

  20. zachaqsw:

    @22skatedude wtf is he saying? is that english?

  21. SirZippety56:

    *kootra is doing a(n) RTC3 series*
    *immediately searches «creatureland episode 1″*
    good god i love this game

  22. DKC1011:

    9:40, I am afraid of balloons.

  23. monkleymania123:

    69% hehe… u were all thinking it XD

  24. jackali3012:

    kootra should do KSP (Kerbal Space Program) it would be so funny just like sips

  25. mrwolfman109:

    ahhh good memories