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Март 2012
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Do Not Touch My Bone! – Psycho Dog


Enjoy – psycho dog goes mad because his leg is trying to steal his bone

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28 комм. на “Do Not Touch My Bone! – Psycho Dog”

  1. dardyskuxxboy:

    funny as

  2. DanDeeLove4eva5:

    doesn’t the dog realize he’s biting himself? lol

  3. cbible98:

    Dumb dog

  4. 3luvmydog:

    Leg: I wanna bone!
    Dog: No! You already have a bone!

  5. ZombieHot1:

    I bet you guys didnt even know that he had surgery on his back leg and it hurt so much he growled at himself when he moved that.

  6. cupcakelover6380:

    That dog’s not psyco :(

  7. TateRobinson35:

    nine people got there leg bitten

  8. PoliticalBoondocks:

    @ReDL33t killuminati.isgreat.org – find freedom in truth

  9. dante13411:

    check out MrDanteStylez <— dance channel

  10. camman2117:


  11. quipucito:

    cant stop laughing cant breath

  12. Brandy10006:

    This dog was dropped on his head when he was younger, wasn’t he?

  13. uppitynigga:

    somebody get this dog some medication!! It might hurts its footy.

  14. AKGameboy117:

    Dog: omg my ear itches…wtf?! Get the hell away from my bone bitch! Nom nom nom nom! AHHHHHHH! Why does it hurt to bite you?! Witchcraft!!!

  15. fghtillini6:


  16. thatgirl1896:

    Dog: Mmm, yummy bone…oh dear, my ear itches. I shall scratch it…OMG WTF?! Who are you and why are you trying to take my bone?! I BITE you!! It hurts when I bite you! What kind of magic is this? My ear itches…NO! MY BONE!…but it itches sooo bad…QUIT TRYING TO STEAL MY BONE BEYOTCH!

  17. Gerald45:

    dont bight the foot that walks you

  18. RingaRingana:


  19. inewwoman:

    Leg: can I have a bit of your born

    Dog:know or or i will bit you

  20. HaniiPuppy:

    @DiaperRashes Hundreds of peoples are getting sick of «X people don’t Y Z»

  21. josemania81:

    Zombie Leg: mmee waannttt boonnneee
    Scooby Doo: rraawwwggy??

  22. rachelchunter:

    LOL. I think it has multiple personalities. xD

  23. toxicwaste26:

    i wonder who won that arguement? lol

  24. DiaperRashes:

    5 people dont have a foot to growl at!

  25. MCSmithishh:


  26. TrashTeamet:

    Oh, thank you! I think my dad will be happy on his birthday :)

  27. victoire781:

    cool- thank you :) 

  28. sonntagmorgenshogga:

    too fast please slower