Brian Setzer — The Dirty Boogie — Live!


Recorded during The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s tour of Japan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. I begin construction of a Theme Park Tycoon. With a loan and a patch of land, I will create the greatest thing the hit this earth since disneyland…..and it will be called: CREATURELAND!!!!

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49 комментариев на “Brian Setzer — The Dirty Boogie — Live!”

  1. TheDjvu16:

    Brian looks like Rory Gallagher!!

  2. TheRegart:

    Im just starting to get into Brian Setzer, this convinced me that I need to get one of his live albums. NOW!!

  3. fieldershepett:


    *oh YEAH ywa OOLLUROUOUO WUOOFOUOOIUIOU09845908= 0JLLKL;K;K[0-506I-960-9-/

  4. laurenlikespie:

    ahh dude. so badass.

  5. robertsnisidro666:

    este senor fue una influencia en cd. neza la capital del rock

  6. Rustoleus:

    Who are the trumpet players?

  7. sk8nboomer900:

    i want his suit

  8. Kraeezeu:

    love his outfits

  9. gfgranja:

    Nice Gretsch!!

  10. pozzska:

    2 people have never done The Dirty Boogie

  11. bahstud1:

    this band is the whole package. Great frontman, outstanding musicianship, and they look like they are genuinely having fun. LOVE IT

  12. dollz67:

    the band is so kick ass

  13. jakataak47:

    band teacher in there

  14. JovanVIA:

    badass music, one dislike?!Must be Lady Gaga.

  15. melvyncostello:

    went to hmv not one cd on sale of brian setzer they should hang their heads in shame

  16. Mcoov:

    That has to be one of the most recognizable intros to any song I know, right after In The Mood!

  17. majesteit100:

    amazing boogie

  18. freeqwerqwer:

    They should have had at least 4 female singers accompaniment.

  19. germanshepherds4ever:


  20. gimickuk1:

    That cat’s got a mean mean tone!

  21. liniaalverrekijker:

    @hanj31  THE DIRTY BOOGIE

  22. backspage:

    Oh man, they are amazing as hell, look them swing :D

  23. monteleone1010:

    @dragonball4evers Not totally sure but I think I saw the fat man playing trumpet with the James Last Orchestra on YouTube a few years back. Or maybe he’s just a look alike…

  24. chef4cook:

    Nice Jacket he’s wearing.

  25. irushkaman125:

    these videos explain why i got this game

  26. pozzezzedteddybear:

    Whats that new sound that happens when you like somebodys comment?

  27. highcookie:

    500 people one toilet now that’s how bad situations happens

  28. davidg8675309:

    @TheRyo41 your a fucking bitch fuck. And u like giant hart black cock. Go fuck yourself up the ass

  29. TheRyo41:

    missing link hmmm i got real big rides and kids have none WAIT A SECOND

  30. kandttbfforlife:

    you should totally add a drop zone and some more water rides and also excellent job so far on the walk thru keep up the good work

  31. Rkruzz:

    @ 1:42. «New invention: Sea Turtle.» I didn’t think sea turtles are -that- new.

  32. kireclebnul:


    What Koots said: «Can you get up here? Wait a second…»

    What it means: «Can you get up here? I wonder how much I can charge for that…»

  33. Minecraftisphun:

    the security guards and the entertainers are pretty much useles

  34. nejisemprine:

    they need to receive his payment … BETTER

  35. paradox11111111:

    *gets bored watching at kootra check finances* *Skips a minute ahead* Kootra is still looking at the same thing making an «Uhhhhh….» noise.

  36. LittleBigSquad:

    u might want to put a closing time on the park so everyone enters the next day

  37. pastrana2000:

    I love these!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE :3

  38. gpensky:

    food by the pool?

  39. mrDarkmage459:

    kootra the reason all your mechs, and zoo keepers are trying to quit is because their wage is very low. if you raise it you will have em last longer than kim kardashians wedding.

  40. trva0621:

    In order for me to pass time and wait till I get more money, I just ride all my rides…. Lol

  41. guishark09:

    @lonekiller2580 not really

  42. ripsaw3:

    i bought this because of kootra and i played the first 1 as a kid and i just found out u can sell the giant slide pieces for more than u bought them

  43. FierceCookie:

    New invention : Sea Turtles.
    Were Made By Man.
    Not An Animal Made By Nature.
    The Sea Turtle Is A Spy!

  44. XxDubHoundxX:

    Anybody else notice that lions are stoners?… $420?… no? Okay…

  45. StuddedxHaloV2:

    @Conker2433 Steam.

  46. yazorstorm:

    ferris wheel was 2nd attraction the carpet was 1st

  47. Scarl987:

    why is mechanics wage $55?

  48. DEATHMAN213:

    @Conker2443 steam

  49. habboaddict2:

    @Conker2433 You can get it off of Amazon for around $10