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HOW TO: Do YOGA, like a cat. (Kate’s Lessons) Ep4


This is the fourth episode in my mini-series ‘Kate’s Lessons’, there are plenty more to come! Including the much anticipated ‘HOW TO: Be SEXY [GUYS!]‘… seriously. So subscribe and stay tuned! I HAVE MERCH!: www.katersoneseven.spreadshirt.com Twitter me: www.twitter.com Music used is listed IN ORDER at the end of the video, all music is either from the Royalty-free collection in Imovie (editing program) or from the Royalty-free collection at Incompetech.com (great site for all kinds of music, I recommend it!). ‘Chelsea loft short’ – Imovie ‘Elysium long’ – Imovie ‘Airport lounge’ – Incompetech.com ‘Chelsea loft long’ – Imovie
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24 комм. на “HOW TO: Do YOGA, like a cat. (Kate’s Lessons) Ep4”

  1. SeanAndBillie:

    Ohhhh kate! i frickin love ya don’t i!! Everytime i just have a laugh when watching your vids!!<3

  2. MegaZZZLAYER:


  3. HollowWithin001:

    can we see your «downward dog?»

  4. signingupisretarded:

    I was hoping for the «Jump in a Lap, Turn Around and Show Your Butthole».

  5. crazycheetah11:

    You should make more Kate’s Lessons

  6. stal0s:

    fucking fun XD

  7. summersage77:


  8. seravok:

    And nowdays they are together! :D

  9. D34D2R1T35:

    2:10 is what you came here for.

  10. TheYangGangGirl:

    now they r going out!!1

  11. ErickVictorTM:

    wet wet keep pressing 7 

  12. ErickVictorTM:

    0:36 huh… this is getting intersting

  13. audiowiz:

    Please do a celebrity sex tape.  For the kids.

  14. kellyn74:


  15. black4pienus:

    this is awsome!

  16. Traveler246:

    Next video to watch: Cat and Dog YOGA

  17. Traveler246:

    I came here for the lick, but the suggestive names of the other positions prompted me to watch the whole thing.

  18. pezjohnson:

    Thumbs up if u actually did these fun & stupid positions! :P

  19. aha8669:

    get a cat tail than u can do it ;P

  20. nohopepope2187:

    now i hate cats even more, lol.

  21. sk8smoke21:

    U guys with the horny comments need to get laid big time! Kate is just bein a awsome entertainer. Anyways coreys probly hitn that all the time so lol

  22. howtokillawerewolf:

    kate you salad tosser…

  23. Tyrisian:

    thumbs up if you’re here to see Kate in pigtails? lol

  24. MrMagicalHotdog:

    lol its funny. She actually knows Toby.