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Bajheera – Season 10 Arena – 3v3 as Kitty Cleave #3 – Skype Version – WoW Warrior PvP


Sound is kind of weird in this one, but hopefully you still enjoy it:) Some nice games from our first night playing Kitty Cleave! :D I hope to have a commentary version of this up on tgnworldofwarcraft soon!:)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комм. на “Bajheera – Season 10 Arena – 3v3 as Kitty Cleave #3 – Skype Version – WoW Warrior PvP”

  1. akincomer:

    so insane… i stopped playing a couple years ago… i remember in vanilla full raid geared tanks had 9k hp lol. YOU GUYS ARE CRITTING FOR 11K!!!!!!!!! JEEZUS!

  2. XeleratedGuide:

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  3. MrCrateer:

    Damn.> That’d be hilarious.

  4. ShadowLightbringer13:

    na, it was 3v2 and my healer gave up. >_>

  5. MrCrateer:

    Did you win? :P

  6. ShadowLightbringer13:

    Not sure how it worked, she casted mind control on my dead body then ressed me or some shit. I was like…what?

  7. MrCrateer:

    How do you get ressed by enemy players? o-O

  8. ShadowLightbringer13:

    I’ve been ressed by enemy players in arena this past week.. It’s pretty funny.

  9. BajheeraWoW:

    The commentary versions are usually on tgnworldofwarcraft!:D

  10. CXG44:

    @BajheeraWoW I would enjoy a video of a close loss, one where the match lasts a while and you analyze what went wrong with your team that resulted in your loss. I think people would like that.

  11. MrCrateer:

    Silly bajheera.. You cannot res in arenas anymore. :P
    I would know.. My 2s partner tried it and it wouldn’t let him. Let him cast it but not actually res.

  12. MrDessers:

    I miss commentaries. I rathen have 3 commentary a week. than having 6 skype versions a week. :(

  13. eire1916rf:

    what keyboard do you use baj , just curious , wouldnt be a blackwidow would it? :L

  14. dontuenvyme:

    im sorry :( i’ll be more patient and maybe start to like your LoL vids and watch more of the livestream :D

  15. BajheeraWoW:

    Haha glad to have you back, but you gotta have a little patience with me bud:) Lots of stuff going on atm, so I’m trying to bring content out for you guys, even if it’s not your favorite kind of stuff:(

  16. chasetompkins1:

    FRANKSWIFE NEEDS TO POOP! bahahaha. i lol’d

  17. dontuenvyme:

    i unsubbed yesterday because all there is now on this channel is just LoL and livestream announcements (that i seem to never arrive on time for) and the occasional vlog. no more fury pvp, 1 bajququi vid a month, and a few alt vids. : /

    but i had to resub because i couldn’t last long without my daily dose of bajheera

  18. MARPOLO13:

    Hey bajh, I always wondered, what state do you live in?

  19. Mazsken:

    @BajheeraWoW what addon are you using for your combat text and the unit frames? also the action bar addons please:D

  20. tehAlphaa:

    Thanks ;D

  21. MrBrooksie420:

    gladius, also its the enemy team frames on the right of his screen

  22. go2hell4eva:


  23. Frostcoldgaming:

    have my babys bajheera

  24. USBFUZE:

    have you ever lost in a 3 v 2 situation?