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Июль 2012
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Girls Fail Compilation 1


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23 комм. на “Girls Fail Compilation 1”

  1. MrTD7769:

    5:33 Project X ?

  2. edward64572:

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  3. R1lleK:

    0:44 to FAD ( 250 Pounds ^^ )

  4. DisoDc:

    everyone help girls if they fall, everyone laugh their ass when boys fall

  5. gersonicus:

    yes you dont see her ass

  6. 1ENOC:

    fuck yehaaa

  7. shrilayt:

    8:25 «hey this is gonna be a great footage»………u sir can predict the future!!!! :D

  8. MrsCuteD1:

    1:24 WTF ..

  9. roiset:

    5:10 my hero :D 

  10. bigmoeforeveratgames:

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  11. animaljp3:

    don’t know why they try to jump ramps with bikes either

  12. asusshreyas:

    at least girls don’t have anything to lose between their legs…
    if yu know what i mean…

  13. smokethechron:

    0:51 for an ass-shot.

  14. deejaymitza:

    pooor girls :) )
    they are like boys :) )

  15. Lobito30000:

    8:14 isn’t a girl.

  16. Nazariy Nadraga:

    After watching this i realize everyone in America needs to wear helmets at all times.

  17. AlittleBravery:

    Buddy, your comment isn’t doing you or guys any favors. Learn English, then you’ll impress us. :)

  18. dmcgl08:

    for all those girl how say guys are stupid.we are just usually do it with more friends and better camera men. and usually clothed.

  19. MowMowHollyKitty:

    3:21. the biggest fail there was the bear mask

  20. 3438ds:

    I don’t know why girls think they can back flip..

  21. Doctoreification:


  22. sigksam:


  23. infernal9669:

    Poland :D D