28 Фев 2012г.

Bot fly removal from a young female cat. To respond to some of the comments below: The cat was no harmed during the filming of this video. Before the botfly was extracted, a local anesthesia was applied to numb the area, the was no need to completely sedate the cat. The cat is moving and growling because we’re holding her down, not because she’s in pain. Botflys are NOT lethal, therefore there is NO need to euthanize the cat. The girl asking all the questions in not a technician or expert on the subject, if she was, she wouldn’t be asking. The owner did not notice the botfly because the cat in an outdoor cat and all the fur covered it up, it is plainly noticeable now because the area has been shaved.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My cat Vaske likes to sleep in boxes. Our neighbours cat Simba used to come over all the time and steal his sleeping places. Oddly enough, Simba hardly ever comes over any more since we got the dog… (this video was filmed about 5 years ago)

он любит лизать всё подряд особенно волосы…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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