Evidence — It Wasn’t Me


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25 комментариев на “Evidence — It Wasn’t Me”

  1. AboveTheWorld289:

    @nastyFlows96 nah but iwas gonna start a krew called atw

  2. blueragebarz1111:

    @GtaRonnie the 28 would win…

  3. ITsmusicpage:

    @edwinKills Evidence was in a promotional video for a graffiti dvd that included buket in it newscasters made the mistake of thinking he was buket and showing the video clip of him on the news. The real buket’s name is Cyrus Yazdani you can check yourself on google or something. I am not saying evidence doesn’t do graffiti, but he is definitely not buket notice the song title «it wasn’t me».

  4. big50ramirez:

    all of you confused ass lames dont even know..lololol

  5. acemastaflex6:

    @AboveTheWorld289 not

  6. nastyFlows96:

    @AboveTheWorld289 are you frm ATW TKO?

  7. hrod16rave:

    Wat shoes is he wearing those hi-tops

  8. afterninemuzik:

    «director of photography, i shoot ppl»

  9. edwinKills:

    @laoluhundeyin evidence is buket as you kan see him getting up bucket? wtf straight tripping

  10. nickypoo224:

    i told him he was killin it on stage at a concert in maine wonder if i inspired him lol

  11. AboveTheWorld289:

    @laoluhundeyin thanks igot it now

  12. laoluhundeyin:

    Google: evidence is not buket.

  13. AboveTheWorld289:

    @laoluhundeyin arght cool thanks but do u kno y people think he is bucket

  14. WestCoastRedskin:

    L.a. Graff life…thanx for reppin ev..ca all day…

  15. laoluhundeyin:

    The real bucket is in the video at 1:49.

  16. laoluhundeyin:


  17. 88Matija:

    yo evidence good music man

  18. triggs249:

    went to the grouch stole christmas tour evidence went and chilled with us and smoked with the home bois




  20. flyboyomni:

    his videos are so awesome!!!

  21. Volcomhula:

    Fuck yeah DNA Genetics 2:14. Cali Love

  22. Betoghetto:

    This Shit Goes So Hard I Had To Switch To Porn When My Mom Walked In…..

  23. AboveTheWorld289:

    so is EV bucket or not?

  24. EHsker:

    «The flow’s connected like I knew people, Director of Photography : I shoot people»

    DAMN !

  25. GtaRonnie:

    I really wanna see a fight between the 2,516 who liked this and 28 who disliked this 🙂