Evidence — Late For The Sky (feat. Slug & Aesop Rock) [HQ Radio Rip]


Produced by Sid Roams Cats and Dogs 2011 Rhymesayers

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25 комментариев на “Evidence — Late For The Sky (feat. Slug & Aesop Rock) [HQ Radio Rip]”

  1. daxdax2897:

    Name a gay rapper whos good.

  2. thala50:

    Aes, Slug and Evidence on the same track. Big fan of all 3.
    Cats and Dogs — Album of the year! Literally saved 2011.

  3. CaveCanem93:

    @MrOrdile what if you found out like slug, or evidence or aesop rock was gay, would that really change anything, you’d of liked them till now, so i don’t understand just because of their sexuality they will sound wack :S i am yet to hear any decent gay rappers, but there is a good chance theres a few out ther, but tbh i wouldnt even label them as a gay rapper, no need for it, sexuality has nothing to do with it, there just a rapper 🙂

  4. losttweaty:

    @willburcc true love his imagery n metaphors

  5. sage1msc:

    @bringdaruckus123 fuck yeah they should…..

  6. JQmusical:

    «and i still hit the bong like Evidence»

  7. TheHaydnrees:

    Best track on an already dope album!

  8. cmpunkmartin:

    aesop, slug & evidence….my biggest dream made really

  9. KarlBonner1982:

    @MrOrdile Why do you believe that homosexuality and hip-hop are incompatible?

    We’re here, we’re queer, and we love sick beats and flows. Get used to it!

  10. MrOrdile:

    @KarlBonner1982 lol i refuse to listen to a gay rapper i aint a homophobe but that just sounds wack

  11. willburcc:

    From a chicken wire frame in a house of wax to a rocket exploding into a cloud of bats…
    Fuckin dope

  12. KarlBonner1982:

    @dat1blakguy I truly think the 2010s are going to go down in history as hip hop’s «renaissance decade,» where we take back the culture from all these multi-platinum, ho-and-bling, PHONY rappers. I also think that the culture will, at very long last, begin respecting women and welcoming gays into its ranks.

  13. bringdaruckus123:

    Ev and macklemore should do a collab

  14. paul98330:

    yeah yeah…fly…

  15. UseHERname93:


  16. daddyconch:

    Fuckin Rhymesayers!

  17. HillariousTrash:

    This song is nothing else than pure dopeness 🙂 <3 Evidence, your the best!!!

  18. Aherrera818:

    @BeckerCousinLove slug is from atmosphere bro so it is him. lol

  19. frillcappa:

    Real deal right here. ev is killin it with my 2 favorite rappers. thanks rhymesayers can’t wait to hear what’s next

  20. bkruse92:

    Slash Mike gone but Janet still controlling you. Damn Ev just kills this shit

  21. chocolaterocz1:

    @BeckerCousinLove thats cuz its him, his names slug tho not atmosphere

  22. airborn101st:

    @BeckerCousinLove pretty similar style, but no.

  23. ismellleaksmoke:



  24. crazymofo1714:

    @BeckerCousinLove Do you know who slug is?

  25. BeckerCousinLove:

    sounds exactly like atmosphere