Самые смешные коты и кошки!




Декабрь 2011
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Funny Cats – Смешные кошки – Лучшие коты 2010 года


Домашние любимцы, смешное видео.

Check out a Lioness and White Tiger in the Tiger Splash arena having fun at Out of Africa Wildlife Park www.outofafricapark.com (Camp Verde, Arizona near Sedona)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 комм. на “Funny Cats – Смешные кошки – Лучшие коты 2010 года”

  1. The7920969:

    Суууууууууууууууууууууууупер) я с мамой до слёз смеялся)

  2. Michfortunate:

    Мне понравилось
    поднимает настроение )

  3. Vlad2fan:

    =) у меня кот не только арбузы жрет, но и вареную кукурузу – он от нее в восторге!!!!

  4. MZFKable:

    кто пришёл сюда с опроса от вискас, палец вверх)

  5. egor94535:

    в этом видео котятки очень прикольные и музыкальное сапровождение понравилось)))))очень мило 5+ молодец)))

  6. MariLori2014:

    Да, это я так свою подпись поставила. :)

  7. MsPryanya:

    А в конце лемура вставили…))

  8. Bobugabi03:

    Рыжий: – Ой,где был я вчера – не пойму, хоть убей…

  9. katamef1963:

    Клевый ролик. Особливо рыжий котик в раковине. Отмокает…

  10. wilss4:

    so cute

  11. indian8217:

    Are they all de-clawed?

  12. Lithidaer:

    now i can say my cats like a tiger.

  13. jsaenz1992:

    Hey I saw this live in sedona. Random

  14. octopusmagnificens:

    The Tiger is overweight.

  15. nailcommenterflower4:

    This sure beats sitting around in some stupid cage! U can see a true bond with these creatures and trainer because if they wanted, that trainer be dead in seconds! But I sure wish they were wild where they ultimately should be…

  16. originalNova:

    omfg when the lioness attacked in the first seconds i though the guy would die xdd

  17. FRheeKieR:

    @wilsonsanz45 yes.

  18. SuperAlexrios:


  19. wilsonsanz45:

    their is really a white tiger guys?

  20. picassolibs:

    109 people don’t like wet pussy

  21. lili4238:

    génial le truc

  22. rhianajay13:

    This freakin’ entertained me lol….

  23. manonlacavaliere:

    Be carefull, your kitten are a little obese don’t you think

  24. GrillenUndBierchen:

    white tiger = BOSS

  25. franehr:

    animals belong in wildernes!!


    They really are an over-sized kittens!! So adorable!!!

  27. TheAEFreak:

    thats gotta be the most awesome job in the world

  28. MrStefke013:

    First of all i think the Tigers ar treated o.k. They appear very free and relaxed. But at the same time. If one of those guys have a bad day. And they gonna react to there primal instinct. It could turn out to a massey disaster. Wherein you can’t blame the tigers. Gorgeous animals by the way.

  29. sieales:

    @strangelittlebeing I completely agree with you!

  30. cheerfulchip197:

    Adorable! You can really see that all of the animals have a bond with the trainers and are having a blast playing around in that pool. Must be a great job to have. :)

  31. Hatemeurdead:

    Lion: Wait for it .. Wait for it…

  32. HoodRobin1974:


  33. Tonseren:

    wonder how much healthinsurence cost at that job :D

  34. SuperBibiaa:

    very moth