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Cat Yoga


Shorty the cat demonstrates a challenging yoga sequence in this instructional video for you and your kitty! Music is a sound clip called Sanskrit bundled with the iMovie program.

www.simonscat.com – A new arrival causes chaos.

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50 комм. на “Cat Yoga”

  1. aracaniri:

    awsome! :-) )

  2. palomaluzdelalba:

    Beautiful jajjaja good cat

  3. makespeaches:

    the dialogue made this video

  4. ederecat:

    THANK YOU!!!! Loved this video and really brought a smile to my face. Shared with all my friends.

  5. sylnanu:

    This is absolutely hilarious and so cute!!
    I wish I could «LIKE» this a million times;)

  6. TheTheCatshow89:


  7. LadyMidnight31:

    Cute little goofball

  8. mardog2020:

    cute cat <3

  9. compassvanlines:

    You have a cute cat…I liked this video

  10. monkeystyle90:

    Haha i laughed at the lions face with the tongue out.
    Aw man, i love your cat

  11. fillefranzine:

    Brilliant! You have an adorable cat!

  12. Amberluv12:


  13. operacat1:

    Thanx so much….that has really put me in the mood to do my own Yoga this morning!!!

  14. manisa00:

    lol so cute…cat wins in yoga with me

  15. anapipagp:

    So nice!!! love this video

  16. consciencedivine:


  17. XCutePupa:


  18. black4pienus:

    I totally love this video! I’m gonna practice with my cat ;-) ps. after watching this video, I just had to subscribe!

  19. starflutterby:

    This is brilliant :)

  20. MissPaulih:

    1:35 isn’t just lovely?

  21. ophsick:

    0:21 – ‘wtf is that my leg?!?’

  22. BigyMimA:

    Nice OnE!!

  23. samsaz7:

    Namaste lol

  24. 2012hereandnow1133:

    Thank you for making my day brighter and full of laughter!

  25. lreinhart2:

    Blessed are men who love cats~~
    Good editing~~
    Good job!

  26. g1ntronic:

    the owner looks like Steve Jobs – -,)

  27. MuzzicTube:

    The little kitten figts just like how mine did when he was but a tiny little furball!!

  28. mellamanMRosa:

    Como siempre la experiencia de Simon´s Cat, tan real como la vida misma…jajajajajja

  29. crazylazy92:

    1:18 EPIC throw!!!

  30. shehasavampiregrin:


  31. WhoGotTheChunk:

    This happened to me and my GF exactly a week ago when we got our new kitten Cake. Twitch, the older cat, wasn’t too happy lol and gets extremely jealous.

  32. MasterpezeProduction:

    2:14 xDD

  33. misskatiefaye:

    I brought my kitten over to a friends house and she has an older cat. I feel like you were spying on them and made this video. Haha. Perfect example of how they act.

  34. Spunktlee:

    Thank you so much for your brilliant work!!! I am crying!!! Heheheheheheh…great!!! Amazing!!!! Got tears in my eyes of laughing and I´ve watched it allready a few times and it´s still awesome!!!! Yeah!!!! X-D

  35. Candice109:

    :) This is such a simple but cute video! I LOVE it! Ya cant help but to smile the whole way thru! Just found these videos today and I just clicked the Sub button! :)

  36. BrennaColoritPink:

    You should deffinately do more with the kitten!! <3

  37. onliafaze:

    this is similar to how my older cat was when i brought home a new kitten

  38. PDXdubstep:

    @MrMandles magic

  39. MrMandles:

    How did u make this

  40. Shikyo01:

    I can watch this a million times and laugh. It puts a smile on my face. Keep it up:)

  41. darkroselight:


  42. jbrios777:

    Perfect! All truth.

  43. 3AT1NGR3DSN0W:

    love this -3

  44. MeepcOOkies:

    OMG! these are my two cats exactly! I die from laughter xD

  45. xxbloodbasherxx:

    y would he get another one

  46. svenlivingston777:

    this has got to be the BEST one out of all of them :D

  47. Wolfbeast01:

    U gotta love simons cat! he’s so hilariously stupid! He acts EXACTLY like my friends cat! Shes so stupid but doesn’t realize it lol.

  48. RohmeArt:

    Try pressing 8 :p

  49. EleventhDarkness:

    @macdrizzae LOLquotingBAIRDfromGEARSofWAR3 iCwutUdidTHAR :D

  50. Midnight1672:

    My cat did the same exact thing when i brought a little kitten home. XD