Medal of Honor Cat


Tweet it! Facebook it! A cat wins the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in the line of duty. We did not hurt any cats in the making of this video. One cat named Danny became incredibly well fed, though! — 2nd Channel! Twitter! Facebook! Website!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Medal of Honor Cat”

  1. xXFlamingShanaXx:


  2. deceiver07:

    So thats where my cat went!

  3. swimmification:

    his friend was able to walk until he took a arrow to the knee

  4. whatswithyous:


  5. BriceOnIce:

    Cats have 9 lives. It’s ok

  6. 915streetfighter:

    ITS OK cats have 9 lives

  7. stevenanaya8:

    cat has 9 lives

  8. mark10788:

    is this cat still alive today?

  9. BeatitTubby2:

    Lol the cat cleans him self and shoots at the same time lol

  10. militaryman9091:

    i meant 0:21

  11. militaryman9091:

    in the middle

  12. militaryman9091:

    1:21 is that guy from the the nerf stuff teams

  13. An1mekillah:

    *salute*I salute seargant Mr meowmers for dying for this shithole of a country we love!


    I used to be a good at editing videos as you,but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  15. Mordecai4501:

    The kitty ok right RIGHT?

  16. SuperHockeykid7:

    0:44 he liked the sniper or whatever

  17. EKisawesome1:

    And the cat was only five ….. 🙁

  18. Lopi208:

    I like the part where the cat licked itself and shot every one at same time

  19. xXEliteTacoXx:

    Where can I find a military costume like those?

  20. DrunkenRussian121:

    New killstreak ()_()

  21. 1337FilmCompany:

    The cat is not only awesome but not-a-douchebag. At 0:47 the cat doesn’t kill the guys until they started shooting back, that’s kind of like the military code. You don’t kill the medics…well unless your japenese.
    Honorable cat :3

  22. mafers1502:

    You are a fucking legend

  23. Hero10Kid:

    sooooo adorable

  24. kungfuquincey:

    lol mr. meowmers

  25. CmptrPrgmr:

    GO KITTEH GO!!!!!!!!!!!!