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Декабрь 2011
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Cat and owl playing – Fum & Gebra – Perfect friendship!


Daily updates on our website: www.fumandgebra.com Like us on FB! http Another option for the people does’nt like this song, with love: www.youtube.com Fum & Gebra, two stars in the open country, an special couple. Fum is a lovely black cat and Gebra a kind barn owl. This bird of prey fly far away but lands everytime near Fum, its faithful friend. Fum and Gebra have one year of age and have known they had a month. Song: «Deixa’m dir una cosa» by Sopa de Cabra. .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Cat and owl playing – Fum & Gebra – Perfect friendship!”

  1. PktMma:

    @ruckusruckus666 Lol, that reminds me of Peter Griffin’s brain damaged horse.

  2. viintagestars:

    @ruckusruckus666 you’re a moron.

  3. janettetsmith:

    @ruckusruckus666: toxoplasmosis … that’s a bit of a stretch.

  4. janettetsmith:

    They’re so cute together.

  5. Megustalacastana:

    Isn’t this a melody from the video ‘I got a fever- I need more cowbell»?))

  6. toumanz69:


  7. ruckusruckus666:

    funny how cute every one thinks this video is when this cat clearly has toxioplasmosis and is mentally ill , resulting in said behavior

  8. weavrmom:

    @GhastlyMange Cat’s can ‘velvet’ their paws whenever they wish by keeping their paws retracted, and do so to be gentle. I’m sure that is the case here, as well.

  9. dlfjsdhfjksdhfjksdfh:

    owl and owl

  10. GhastlyMange:

    The cat probably doesn’t have claws. If it did the bird would be torn up.

  11. Minkamii:

    such amazing! they are a really good «dreamteam <3

  12. etherealmist76:

    1:45 and 1:55 is great,the whole video is great,I just love how the kitty runs to jump over the owl!!
    Thanks for making such a cool video

  13. MultiMovieplayer:

    pretty cool animals :) greetings from the Netherlands

  14. iversonmatthew:


  15. TrueHamal:

    Lovely and nice animals. Cats are just the monkeys among the felines. Thanks for sharing so much.

  16. scottjo63:

    This song is best with the owl and the pussycat. I heard the other 2 and they just don’t cut it with this video especially with the one singer

  17. moonkick360:

    Cats and owls are actually pretty similar to each other.Both are predators,both are nocturnal,both are solitary and both are silent and deadly.

  18. MrDistrugator:




  19. Audiofreund2:

    harry potta ?

  20. Hallow334:

    Thats so cool how two totally different types of animals can get along.

  21. Sonnid09:

    What is that tied to it’s legs? Is it a fugitive?

  22. colonelclank:

    very cool… did they grow up together??

  23. liliz03:

    This is very enjoyable, pretty to see :) finally a peaceful video and not a cat eating a bird or the owl eating a mouse. Thanks.
    I love that cat, it’s precious <3

  24. yamy2314:

    el final muy bueno jakajakaj}

  25. themargenaus:

    That owel could kick that cats ass, and they both kow it!