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A Beautiful Relationship – Savannah Cat MAGIC and Andreas Stucki.


See more: www.pictures-of-cats.org — This is a short video about the world’s tallest domestic cat, MAGIC (and probably the biggest – yet to be confirmed at 27-9-09) and Andreas Stucki the charming son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki. MAGIC is a F1 Savannah cat bred and raised at A1 Savannahs and now owned by Bella Gattini Cattery owned and run by Lee and Kim Draper. The music is by Kevin MacLeod called, Long Road Ahead, Celtic and Folk music. It is royalty free. Google «Kevin MacLeod music».
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.simonscat.com – A playful cat meets his match.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “A Beautiful Relationship – Savannah Cat MAGIC and Andreas Stucki.”

  1. TheCatMocha:

    Awwww is all I have to say!!!

  2. RobertKingSwagger:

    It acts like a dog!

  3. andrewvick123:

    My name is Savannah and I love cats! =D

  4. mahajohn:

    One wrong move, kid, and you’ll be in a world o’ hurtin’ and bleedin’!

  5. Jasonx7900:

    Thats A Very Beautiful Animal I Love Cat’s And Savanah’s Are Some Of The Most Loving In The Cat World. Great Video!

  6. SivooCat:

    @Th3Accuser That is a house pet. The cat is just like any other house pet just a bit bigger in size.

  7. miloskorac:


  8. mariomario9595:

    my famly is getting one no matter how much it costs

  9. lrover03:

    @jay42922 You won’t when you find out what they cost. ;) Savannahs start at 15 – $20,000 and go up from there. :) )

  10. lunamoonaman:

    @2ottawa2 woohoo thatld be so awesome

  11. jay42922:

    what kind of breed is this cats 3475158019 text it to me please I want 1

  12. jay42922:

    what kind of breed is dis cats 3475158019 text it to me please I want 1

  13. cocardeux:

    AVATAR the return.

  14. renegade1179:

    @2ottawa2 Cats rubbing boys and boys rubbing cats? My next visit to a titty bar is going to be awkward.

  15. duilawyerseattle1:

    That cat is so huge and cute!

  16. FLguyGB:

    Totally buying an Orabrush.

    Advertising – 1
    Me – 0

  17. arlekinoUa:

    I used to have the same cat but then i took an arrow in the knee

  18. kyokiromi:

    I agree, senseless argueing is going to lead you to more stress and no one needs to strees about what is said. If either of you don’t like what the other is saying, don’t reply cause that is only encouraging your battle…

  19. Geronimogal:

    Come on ppl, get along.. This is a beautiful video..


    @432ps1 so your basicaly saying the way i was raised is wrong? because if so thats an insult to me and my parents. i respect and love all animals. in the past i have had 3 dogs 3 ferrets and currently have another dog. the 3 ferrets all came from people where treating bad. one of them was abused so badly we were afraid he would bite us thinking we were going to harm him another one lived in a box. the other was just alone. we also visited a couple of shelters. i just dont wanna get preached


    @432ps1 and u dont think i know about that? but why is it that on a video i want to see this breed of cat i have to get preached? its like a vegetarian preaching to someone wo is eating meat about what they are doing and how senseless they are. go preach somewhere else

  22. 432ps1:

    @69Mikage Savannah cats are almost exlusively sold by breeders.

  23. 432ps1:

    @LATINOHEATforLIFE I raise my children differently than you. And being compassionate, responsible and ethical towards animals is part of the way I do that. All of my kids have been to animal shelters. We volunteer and contribute. What do you do?

  24. 432ps1:

    @LATINOHEATforLIFE Sorry to piss on your cornflakes, but rescuing a shelter pet is far more noble than shelling out $20K for a designer pet. Just consider the thousands of pets who will be euthanized TOMORROW before you order a designer pet.

  25. PoisonKiss2012:

    Awwwwwww the wabbit gave him a hug

  26. ivanlopez6:


  27. SakiWatari:

    Aww, I’m allergic to cats and I’m subscribing now xD *ACHOO*

  28. keyty39:


  29. doom3134:

    @youureebeautiifulllx Giggity.

  30. hermione624420:

    Awwww!! That is soo cute at the end -3

  31. tamquyen94:

    Finish him

  32. ra83clement:


  33. lpgft:

    my cat has done this….but the ending was not so cute…. :(

  34. aks50207:


  35. viggi2211:


  36. kamango25:

    that is so CUTE!

  37. wolvfang:

    These Episodes should be on TV

  38. maru369:

    aw how cute

  39. cuddleylexi:

    Awh!!! Bunny hugged da kitty!(: so cute

  40. MissWeasley14101:

    These cartoons are fkjsdhgsaskjga

  41. WW2540:

    Best animation ever

  42. XpurplepeopleeaterXX:

    1:11 <3

  43. DrParanoidAndroid:

    ..my cat would have taken its head off!

  44. hafsabi123:

    aww!!! soooo cute!! jus like my cat wow love this video!!!

  45. arabianhorsemist4lps:

    So cute! I wanna bunny to hug my kitteh!

  46. YouAintSeenMyBallz:

    These are really cute :D

  47. Triss108:

    I love how the bunny hugs simon’s cat after he’s not eaten!

  48. music4thewinnn:

    Aw, so cute! >.<

  49. TheOrion101:

    Why is this not on television yet?? So funny/cute!