Crazy cat, loves water


unfortunately this cat and movie are not mine 🙂 I have two other CAT vids on my channel!

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25 комментариев на “Crazy cat, loves water”

  1. MrMayhemChild:

    @Bobzeaux The Chinese.

  2. EuBrunetha:

    that cat really loves water.
    be careful! cats are not allowed to sink they’re ears into the water.
    doctor’s recomandetion

  3. aryzbelgonzalez:

    Lmfaoo He Tryna Catchh Ihtt 😛

  4. Lost2stars:

    What you do is bath them often as kittens. As they get older, they learn to love water ^u^

  5. Deotriese:

    My kitten adores water. I got a shock tonight; I was in the bath and he jumped in, landing on my lap, then proceeded to swim around in water id have thought was too deep for him. Surprisingly, cats can swim quite well, even as kittens.

  6. ericstev1313:

    love this video thanks for posting. cool kitty

  7. jarikamoreno:

    That is very odd. LOL.

  8. sharamandarata:

    @TheWhiteChedda no dude,its more like 1,911 people are actually cats :p

  9. dsaasdf:

    @Bobzeaux haha yea I remember that one :)) thanks for reminding me man — gotta put these to to the collection of must-watch vids on youtube

  10. bloddyscabb:

    Excuse me, but your pussy is wet.

  11. dafinaahaziri:

    hahahaha very crazy and funny cat<3

  12. daisy32498:

    i started with cat videos, went through commercials, pranks, and just weird stuff, and now i’m back at cats… i think i just went a loop around youtube xD

  13. Cartman5101:


  14. PnTNecrosis:

    Give the ‘lil guy some bath toys. Bitches love toys. I mean cats.

  15. Adrian74453:

    Cute black cat and i like this music

  16. CallieG02:

    That cat is SO RIVER CLAN

  17. michaelwuzthere:

    @TheWhiteChedda 7 billion people have no souls, being that they aren’t real…

  18. GangstaMarine8:

    hey, I see you moving there

  19. Timbob619:

    cat + razor = genius..

  20. OverLordErIcH:


    That explains why the dislike bar is ginger

  21. kapuracak:

    @Bobzeaux shit, you scared me

  22. mdmcgowa:

    I used to record my cat swimming in bathtub, but then he got mad and shot me in the knee with an arrow.

  23. zookeeper2345:

    @TheWhiteChedda Damn gingers…

  24. Patchoolible:

    @Bobzeaux the day cats get human hands is going to be a bad day

  25. elassawipo:

    Nice video thank you for sharing, check my videos my cat also loves shower, dancing and boxing hope you enjoy mine video as i did with yours.