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My Cat Peeing in the Toilet!


My cat pees in the toilet and tries to flush it afterwards. Believe it! I thought I had my share of animal funny videos, but this funny video had me on the ground laughing. This cat doesn’t need cat behavior training, or any animal potty training lessons. She actually learned how to pee on her own. Gotta love my cat peeing in the toilet. Does anyone actually know of cat behavior training specialists that do this kind of training? If so, I’d love to talk to these animal trainers to see how they do cat potty training as a comparison. If you have any personal experiences with cat behavior training or cat potty training, let me know. Would love to hear your insights too.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 комм. на “My Cat Peeing in the Toilet!”

  1. kudillo:

    Are you sure u aren´t Robert Deniro?

  2. kbug861:

    The stare «A little privacy please?»
    The look in the toilet «Oh yeah, I made it in»

  3. polumalu34:

    it looks like the cats legs are socks

  4. NarcoticEvil:

    the dog comes in like «hey whatcha doooen»

  5. actressTnum1:

    wish my cat would :/

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  7. Karelshanetoner:


  8. Eutuxia17:


  9. Mustard0981:

    @Mustard0981 UMAD bro?

  10. Mustard0981:

    @usbnma because……. i……….. yeah……..

  11. RhianWx11:

    0:53 trying to reach for the toilet roll lol x

  12. idrivechevys99:

    jeezzz i wish my cat would do that so i don’t have to scoop or change litter

  13. usbnma:

    @Mustard0981 How about you?

  14. wierdgirl12341:


  15. luvablerukel07:

    His face. Lolz.

  16. jsaenz1992:

    @Mustard0981 And it was glorious.

  17. 20Gabby11:

    @Mustard0981 why did u lol

  18. 20Gabby11:

    it thinks its a litterbox

    see how it pretends to dig

  19. WolfOfLightning:

    Lol, look at his tail!

  20. musicbabe269:

    DUDE GIVE THE MAN HIS PRIVACY!!!!!!hahahaha no jk that was funny! I thought my cat was weird….. guess not

  21. JizmmmyJazz:

    what kind of a cat is this?
    Im interested in this race.
    Could someone please let me know.
    Thank You.

  22. kag35ninety6:

    from 0:06 to 0:24 hes like, «well…. this is getting awkward…»

  23. apocalypse666mcrxD:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA at the cats face it’s like O.O …your watching me pee?

  24. CahillandDelene:

    I think it’s great! Did you train the cat to do that? I’m assuming you did!

  25. MissoSweetlivey:

    thats one clever kitty, much smarter then my cat anyways :3

  26. yorkshire13579:

    @debra94518 There you go again with your childish acronyms and insults- you are clearly not done feeding anyone, and the fact that you then tell anyone whom you disagree with that they need ‘mental help’ only highlights further your own negative character traits, plus your ignorance and arrogance on the seriousness of mental health issues. So it’s clear you have a lot of growing up to do. I am pleased to have confronted you with the reality about yourself. Hopefully now you will change.

  27. Shaylabryan:

    Leave the cat alone. This guy is heartless IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

  28. Tifin94:

    this fucken cat is taken over by a demon lol.

  29. ilikiecheese:

    poor thing WHAT DID YOU DO?!

  30. SRB2Pheonix:

    so youre telling me this isnt the original upload.

  31. shayla9512:

    OMG WTF is wrong with that cat!!!

  32. MissSnoCon:


  33. Harikus:

    50,811 people used to laugh at burger the devil cat, but they took an arrows in the knee

  34. JS6875:

    @TheSteelstring dying? how can you know that? looks very healthy (physically) to me, and is clearly being energetic. look at the eyes, fur and teeth. it’s just at the vet, probably had some procedure done and has become terrified and defensive.

    this is probably the owner of that cat, not the actual veterinarian. also, she is not mocking it (as if a cat would even know or care) – people talk to their cats with this voice because it relaxes them

  35. TheSteelstring:

    This cat was dying at the vet and this so called female piece of shit mocks the poor creature. Not only is this revoltingly unprofessional, she and all those who find this amusing should hang your heads in shame. You are disgusting!!!

  36. GunnyRyan:

    Jesus Christ! Wtf tht made my dag get up and howl wtf!?!?!

  37. Tallerico500:

    It’s funny when cat growl and lick their lips LOL

  38. MyCuteness1:

    @Astraces dont forget the and fries part

  39. truebeatlesfan8:

    It’s not funny… This poor cat was probably very scared or angry because he didn’t have a good life. He was probably abused or something like that, it’s not normal for a domesticated animal to act out like that. Poor Burger. :(

  40. JaspertheTiggy:

    @Nickanator58 I think if a dog was in the situation that cat mustve been in it would act in a similar manner xD

  41. LMFAOandUnicorns:

    poor kitty! What could some1 do to make a little kitty this mad!?!?!?!?!?

  42. coolchixgirl:


  43. TheTPMovement:

    Where’s burrito??

  44. Xile257:

    @CeilLightrune Thats a preety pissed off cat, then.

  45. SuperShinySato6:

    Jeez!!! O_O

  46. CeilLightrune:

    @Xile257 Nope. He’s at the vets, he probably just got very pissed off when they checked for worms or something.

  47. Webfeettoo:

    Jeez! That is one pussy cat! ^_^

  48. Xile257:

    The cat was problably abused…:(

  49. hellnowhat7:

    does he have ears?

  50. SuperShyGuy1011:

    @Ithenos I love naming animals ironically! :)