Cat Stevens — Peace Train (live)


Cat Stevens plays Peace Train live on his Earth Tour, 1976 requested by Jashar1984. =)

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25 комментариев на “Cat Stevens — Peace Train (live)”

  1. koooooola69:

    He Was So Baked!

  2. Littlewoman994:

    I think perhaps he was making a gesture «I Give Up, I’ve Done My Part for Peace…Everyone took it wrong then and still do…And they speak of Peace but War is in Their Hearts…Their will never be Peace between every Country…Their can be peacefulness if all agree they disagree…

  3. sevnicahotties:

    Hi Peace Train!
    Is he still hitting up the peace pipe train you think?

  4. djamaluddin:

    i tell you this song has made me a lot of money… loool

  5. gerundking:

    @eastariel beaner

  6. Scottizda1man:

    Wut, right about 0:01

  7. TheSludgemokey:


  8. m101502bob:

    Cat Stevens shared peace with his music! If only more people would lisen! !!

  9. getthepoooffmybum:

    Ron Paul 2012.

  10. saluki260428:

    when music was still awesome…

  11. kanglon:

    Come on people gotta love this song and lets love each other like Jesus taught.

  12. alayduhh:

    @RESERVE31 I agree. Comparing then to now, though… I would be unhappy too. People are nowhere near the peace train.

  13. hisashi0340:


  14. TheSludgemokey:

    your welcome

  15. RESERVE31:

    I like Cat Stevens, compared to Yusuf. So full of life and happiness. No barriers with religion or politics. He looks so unhappy now. This is the way I want to remember Cat Stevens thanks for the video.

  16. MrMusictrivia:

    why denigrate the hippie generation? all we have now are the greedy, the materialistic, over-consumerism, critical and denigrated of others who were more attuned to the real purpose of life….

  17. MrMusictrivia:

    can’t you just listen to the music…peace is important!

  18. nocaptivity:

    @mikedanton that’s just your selfish poor opinion.. i recommend you to take care of your own mind. religion created a balance in his life, so it’s good for him. The real question is why so much hate ?

  19. mikedanton:

    It’s a shame that such a good songwriter succumbed to mental illness (religion).

    A crying shame.

  20. Nickcas55:

    @MrBooyka Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking sand nigger.

  21. Alikread:

    Creator of the most beautiful songs we love a lot in Libya

  22. Anna00555:

    Man! the passion in this man’s hope and understanding of life’s possibilities is mind blowing. Peace & Hope!

  23. Byron10301:

    Yusuf islam is a piece of shit terrorist: watch this: /watch?v=mYnWtPytvhI&feature=r­elated

  24. nocaptivity:

    peace? it should be called dream of peace, there is no peace

  25. x1x2x3ct: