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Nyan Cat Orchestrate


Because memes can be played by an orchestra too :D This is an orchestrated version of the Nyan Cat song, originally written by DaniWellP. MP3 is back up on my soundcloud: soundcloud.com Used: FL Studio 10, Kontakt 4, Sonokinetic Felt Force One, Cinesamples CineBrass, VOXOs & CineCrash, Project Sam True Strike, Spitfire Albion, Various Private Orchestral Libraries. Because of excessive amounts of spam now being posted on this video, I’ve set comments to approve only. Don’t worry, they should appear relatively quickly, or later on the day you post them (depending on if I’m asleep when you do). I don’t have the sheet music for this unfortunately. It was transcribed by ear and is sampled. You can stop asking for it now :) The original YT! video is still at www.youtube.com Orchestration of the Nyan Cat song by daniwell-P from momolabo.lolipop.jp The video also has the pop tart cat animation from PRguitarman: www.prguitarman.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Those last few kibbles might have gotten between Goliath and a clean escape. But after weeks of stealing food from a Gresham garage, the flabby tabby found himself stuck — head and shoulders outside the doggie door, gut and tail inside. The homeowner helped dislodge the sweet, playful 20.2-pound cat, kindly gave him a good meal, then delivered him Wednesday to the Oregon Humane Society, where he awaits his owner or a new adoptive personal chef.

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50 комм. на “Nyan Cat Orchestrate”

  1. dragonraizen:

    I thank you for the idea and shall follow on your footsteps.

  2. jake9000000000000000:

    This…. shall be my new ringtone!

    Wait… my ringtone is the Skyrim theme. NOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Glitchmaster44:

    All rise for the internet national anthem!

  4. ddensu:

    Shit, it’s so WESTERN!

  5. danielsjohnson:

    could you please email me the scores please???? My email is traphole12@hotmail.com

  6. 0987654hify:


  7. normantran2011:

    Blake, do you happen to have perfect pitch? Transcribing this is a pain without slowing it down!

  8. TheFairyFinder:


  9. TouYube67:

    You have orchestra nyaned for 2:35. (Click here to post for Twitter (It opens in a new window))

  10. TeamThrillseeker:

    Ohh. You’re good. You’re very good.

  11. nicolas19961996:

    holahola!! is great, I would send the scores to my email please:) I also play in a band, and I would like to touch it with my colleagues, they are very grateful here I leave my mail nico-fuentes-r@hotmail.com

  12. nicolas19961996:

    holahola !!!! es genial , me enviarian las partituras a mi correo por favor :) yo tambien toco en una banda , y me gustaria tocarla con mis compañeros , se los agradeceria mucho , aqui les dejo mi correo nico-fuentes-r@hotmail.com

  13. rarasrswt:


  14. ExcaliburLink:

    This is hilariously awesome!!!!!

  15. TheRandomROFL:

    Hands up if you wave your arms around like a BAMF conductor to this… Anyone? No? Only me? Okay then :/

  16. Nikobellick989:

    jajajaja qebueno like

  17. omonyar:

    Imagine actually playing this hectic tempo on a real trumpet…

  18. 20Darkwolf:

    problem solved…. got my wedding song =))))) loljk!

  19. braindetonation:

    Somehow, someway, this has to be inserted in The Chronicles of Rickroll movie.

  20. igetboredproductions:

    I would love to hear your take on the Numa Numa song and the Rick Roll song.

  21. krijassnica:

    i bet you didn’t see this one yet – watch?v=6xR90dL-kp0

  22. wacastervids:


  23. NonstopNyanCat36:

    even old people can enjoy nyan cat

  24. ApplePie2499:

    Can i have music notes?

  25. mruniverse27:

    I can imagine cowboys running around…but when I do, it’s more prancey than runney.

  26. RAWRplur:

    LMAO at the beginning

    «Hi Goliath hey little guy.»
    lmao that cat is anything but little hahah

  27. Lithidaer:

    thats not a cat, THATS A LION

  28. Joeyblondewolf2:

    I laughed at the end when the guy was like «oh right to the food dish, he was hunery» XDD

  29. noonmjy:

    so fat

  30. huqmierocketlauncher:


  31. ThunderDownBelow:

    «We’ll nuter him, he’s huuuuge!» …… :/

  32. MasterHumus:

    looks exactly like my old cat

  33. GerbilEssences:

    @MAndersonReviews Yeah I was looking for videos of bankers….

  34. SlaMastaX:

    Look at that fat cat. Controlling all the wealth and attention. And hes so adorable.

  35. 01679088110:

    he looks so tired…poor him :(

  36. MAndersonReviews:

    Who just typed in ‘fat cat’?
    I did.

  37. 0560936038:

    at 0:35 it sits like a boss

  38. hexpinteas:

    Poor cats being locked up in small cages… :_(

  39. earthglamgrunge:

    what a little lovebug!!! I’d adopt him in a second.

  40. ChrisArthurMusic:

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  41. TheFlyingStar11:

    It looks like a grey version of Bagpuss

  42. IamAWSOMEftw:

    mcdonald’s cat

  43. EliteMrBubble:

    Oh my god. I would jump on him and I don’t care if my neck broke.

  44. xxLilJXxX:

    omg it looks like a little kid when she pick em up

  45. StereoEpic:

    It’s basically a tabby version of Garfield

  46. Imallsnow:

    It looks like my cat just fatter

  47. MyFruityCats:

    that waaaas sooooooooooooo cute it looks just like my cat!!!

  48. routhoula:

    a cat that got fat by himself lol

  49. wwe0004:

    My sister LOVES fat cats

  50. slycooperfannumber1:

    did you kill it cause if u didn,t i want it