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Декабрь 2011
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Talking Cat – The New Fish


Can Jupiter be trusted alone with the new fish? What do YOU think? facebook: www.facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitty, Jupiter: www.youtube.com

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND CATS AND EXPLOSIONS (click for links!) Todd makes amazing music: bit.ly Check out another video shot by Ciaran: bit.ly Subscribe to Andrew because he’s the best at guns: bit.ly Also a massive thanks to Chris ‘Slomzovo’ Bingham (bit.ly and Matt ‘Wallycube’ Hargreaves (bit.ly for assisting during production! Do you have nothing better to do with your life? Check me out on Twitter and Facebook! twitter.com facebook.com Also if you noticed the posters on the walls, you can get them all at: www.sharkrobot.com (use coupon code ‘TURBO’ to get a 5% discount) www.sharkrobot.com

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50 комм. на “Talking Cat – The New Fish”

  1. Sinatelove:


  2. musix010:


  3. NicolePangilinan:

    the fish channel! nice one!

  4. conroid000:

    Stay away from the new fish.
    (he just really wants a fish)

  5. HowAboutThat345:

    Wow! This is sooooo amazing/hilarious!!! :D

  6. anitauknowme2:

    this is too hilarious!!!

  7. SpiderPig7240:

    Daddy’s Gunna bring a salmon home


    jupiter is funny

  9. linkinlady06:

    @zumiez951 hes not making them move their mouths he’s only doing the voiceover he takes out the original audio and puts in his own =)

  10. crumbzman2:


  11. SoPdOp:

    this makes me sad when he sobs i just wanna cuddle him =3

  12. zumiez951:

    how do you get them to move them mouths

  13. tigerlover515:


  14. Zo0y0rkEr:

    i think i’ve watched this video about a hundred times in the last day. so funny.

  15. Christo02915:

    BEAUTIFUL CAT!! fantastic voice over!!!! Good job! Well Done!!! :-)

  16. kodieandaraceli:

    he will

  17. g00diegood:

    This cat is AWESOME!!! ahahah

  18. fehim909:

    come to papa lol this is funny

  19. mrbounty98:

    sucks >.>

  20. sanford127:


  21. littleloveangel100:

    i cried

  22. wilescoful:


  23. RandyortonWCF2:

    Just one :(

  24. LawsonLil:


  25. Runnergrl07:

    thats like me all i want to do is sleep

  26. ninjabubbledinosaur:

    i was really drunk when i watched this film…

  27. madskateboyz:

    Yes yes u are

  28. charlieglitter123:

    @x0TehGameStation0x You are SO super blazed that you managed to load up your computer, log in, load up youtube, log in to that too, then watch and understand this video. Then even manged to type a coherent message, with correct spelling, albeit with bad grammar.

  29. FrostInks:

    Deleted scene from Space Cats?

  30. CamTheQuiet:

    I was really video when u watched this drunk

  31. MrReggie4747:

    im a bomb too we should be friends

  32. lhugueny:

    come at me you pussy mother (BOOM) !!!

  33. x0TehGameStation0x:

    «I was REALLY drunk when i wrote this film»
    well tom, i’m super blazed right now, so yeah

  34. gamerella3476:


  35. kissandtell39:

    Space cats! *screams in horror*

  36. persondatisme4:

    i didn’t know Tom was a lefty.


    Mieow mieow mioew

  38. kilinkrevenge:

    Thumbs up for random minecraft clip at the end. :)

  39. GameKing298:

    Sorry, hit a Wrong button.

  40. GearZNet:

    DaMz ItZ JwennyFur ! ! ! !! ! ! ! (Arnold Schawzanigger voice)

  41. brianAFK:

    Nyan cat sent them.

  42. squirreldaze:

    press 10 to skip to the best part

  43. Subscriber121:


  44. Subscriber121:


  45. banji400:

    A BOMB.

  46. daDEVIL0926:


  47. daDEVIL0926:


  48. KiLlA5919:


  49. ShiivaWilding:

    @epicfishandturtles That’s Ciaran O’Brien, not Bing.

  50. AmSpazz:

    I just love how their relationship jumps around throughout the video. At the beginning it seems as though he’s about to admit he loves her, at the middle she tries to flirt, and by the end she’s pregnant somehow. Anyway, great film.