Ask Jupiter 2 — The Talking Cat is Back


Jupiter, the talking cat is back to answer more of your questions! facebook: twitter: Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitties Jupiter and Kona: Theme music: Excerpt from «Maverick» (by me) End theme: Me being silly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Ask Jupiter 2 — The Talking Cat is Back”

  1. mrgreenkat1:

    The owner sounds like Mitchell from Modern Family…

  2. ItsDriiZzY:

    Dear Jupiter, which life are you on?

  3. a7xfan932011:


  4. milanneskovic96:

    2:10 high five 😀

  5. engel123654:

    2:34 i think thats part is rofl worthy 🙂

  6. haicugolu:

    let me drive :))))

  7. ultomatos:


  8. chase21592:

    0:47 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. darkaardvark7:

    I just noticed that Falcon Jab is playing in the background at 0:53 SWEET 😀

  10. SpiderPig7240:

    dear jupiter, are you annoyed

  11. isaf993:

    we <3 jupiter

  12. smoshyhellokittychik:

    dear jupiter, who is your dream girl (or cat)

  13. Milkshake3342:

    dear jupiter do you ever get jealous of kona?

  14. MegaWoking:

    dear jupiter do you like anal ?

  15. JMBSproductions:

    @TheGinge1998 lol me too

  16. myclubpenguincheats1:

    Wow….echo…cool. Feet.

  17. thelolscrew:

    Hia Jupiter have you ever seen something that wants you to punch kona?

  18. augustusocho:

    @0.50 wooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  19. simolo12:

    press 9 for credits

  20. imkool123thatsme:

    my cat’s name is Jupiter too!!!!!!

  21. TheGinge1998:

    «Kona?» «YEAAHH»
    I love that part, I don’t know why:L Its just funny to me:)

  22. mangosrock908:

    I <3 This!

  23. ABC321Films:

    Hi Jupiter! What are your feelings for Kona?

  24. mmitchell73:

    Dear Jupiter,

    I really like your show! You are so cute!

    Here’s my question: If someone lives in an apartment and really wants to get a cat, but the apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, should that person get a cat anyway and just be sneaky about it?

  25. CarlyPerdue1:

    Dear Jupiter,

    What would you do if your owner let another cat in the house?