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Talking Cat – The New Fish PART 3


Did Jupiter or Kona eat the fish? Find out! facebook: www.facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitties Jupiter and Kona: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Head and the Heart perform «Cats and Dogs & Coeur D’Alene» live in the KEXP studio. Recorded 8/20/10. Host: Hannah Levin Engineer: Tom Hall Cameras: Jim Beckmann & Luke Knecht Editing: Luke Knecht
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Talking Cat – The New Fish PART 3”

  1. littleashten:

    0:35 kawaii dessu!!
    kawaii nyan dessu!

  2. BLACKOUTxxxChris:

    what kind of cats are those?

  3. hayleylikeaboss:

    bitchlap = catlap!

  4. Mischaamj:

    that was haelaries!

  5. jedieasyer:

    it should of said say ur srry to the other cat he should of said i still blame you XD

  6. fancoy:

    @person2ful I like the «previously…» part it makes more drama about it ;)

  7. ITouchCactus:

    I love the to be continued guy he’s hilarious

  8. LilWayneFever13:

    Did you poop in my shoe?

  9. amodelanime2:


  10. rockstar73390:

    i love when jupiter said yeep when u said did u poop in my shoe

  11. person2ful:

    we saw the video u guys dont have to repeat every part

  12. Ratchetfan000:

    Hi Kona. *Kona runs into camera* OH HAI

  13. streetkingz14:

    VVV i will not say anything about that…

  14. 44leverage:

    kona; i think he sould have trets for a week
    jup; ok u shut up
    kona; SMACK

  15. cutenessandparamore:

    Did you poop in my shoe? YEAH!

  16. HareKrishnaForever5:

    «Did you have any fishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies??»

  17. HareKrishnaForever5:


  18. JoshuaCagandahan:

    That poop must have been the fish. XD

  19. AdId45OrIgInAi5:

    youve got realy tallented cats lol

  20. KayciBlend:

    My favorite part is when kona hits his nose agaisnt the camrea «oh hi kona» «HEY»

  21. mmlp8844:

    Find out…RIGHT NOW! haha..

  22. alex951753cute:

    Guy:did you poop in my shoe?

    Jupiter: YEAHHHHH

  23. SuperSmoshluver:

    lolololololololololol i <3 jupiter he is sooooooo cute meanwhile i HATE cats

  24. xoallycutiexo:

    Did you poop in my shoe?



  25. MultiDalton01:

    «I think . . . he should have no treats for a week.» >lmfao<

  26. MrBones2012:

    Beautiful! i can’t stop listening to these guys… the more I hear the more I want!

  27. llamadan40:

    guys voice reminds me of Raffi.. and yes that’s a complement..

  28. tbricka:

    @ODBs40oz nah he plays guitar too, at least he did when i saw them

  29. ODBs40oz:

    does corey hart (sunglasses indoors) only sing?

  30. MrBones2012:

    The more I hear it the more I love it. Rock on The Head and The Heart!!

  31. Ackreti:

    Very catchy. The last time some music got me like this were 3 rounds and a Sound from Blind Pilot. [recommended if you like this band]

  32. TheJalsop:

    «sad son smoldering soul»; hows that for alliteration

  33. MadDanJr:

    @lmansleyx82 This video is the first two tracks on their album.

  34. kangamonster:

    @lmansleyx82 this is 2 songs pushed together

  35. frogsoblivious:

    I wish we had a radio like this in Brazil. I wish these bands would come to Brazil.

  36. lmansleyx82:

    why is this version so much longer than the official version?!

  37. chipvinyl:

    «sleepless and penniless, but inspired none the less» Its humbling to see such a talented band make it (chipvinyl.blogspot.com/2011/11/self-titled-head-and-heart.html)

  38. cryresistant:

    la la la la love them so much

  39. divna:

    chest hair is amazing!

  40. kangamonster:

    this is some of the best music i’ve heard in long time. the sound is new, clear, and catchy not just one drawn out beat. and the lyrics are meaningful not just about sex, drugs, etc.

  41. pbunyun88:

    @TamaraTwilight13 wrong person, sorry!

  42. pbunyun88:

    @TamaraTwilight13 Well if we were talking about The Drums, I wouldn’t get the hype there either. I have their most recent album and love a few tracks from them, but would never claim they deserve more hype than this band. I find them to be pretty hit-and-miss and think their style is pretty limited and definitely not groundbreaking. But music is so visceral and subjective, you can’t measure its worth based on stuff like this. And hype doesn’t measure anything either.

  43. lylldy:

    Another 1st time hearing/seeing tune, THATH gem! As I began to smile in the last 30 seconds, I wondered if anyone else found themselves doing so…

  44. eaglesnest2011:

    Oh my, The Head and the Heart are incredibly talented. I cannot get enough of their music.

  45. mrconradhoppe:

    less is more for sure, with these guys

  46. riverking327:

    @ToolsnFire Maybe simnple and basic. But, not plain, not typical, NOT AVERAGE. And it’s not about hype, it’s about your ear. If it doesn’t please yours, you might want go go have them checked out!!!!! ;-) But, like the saying goes, «I ain’t gonna argue the obvious with you»!

  47. ToolsnFire:

    Very plain, very typical, average, I don’t get the hype. I don’t get it,….however, The Drums, Tennis, Two Wounded BIrds,…I get.

  48. PooBearPower123:

    My mind= BLOWN.!!

  49. TamaraTwilight13:

    I actually prefer them live, they are just brilliant!

  50. Coconuteater23:

    @drewhickum its a live studio session. as if they were recording for an album