Cat meowing nonstop


My cat Dumpy meowing and jumping into the door

Classic skit about the differences of cats and dogs!!!
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50 комментариев на “Cat meowing nonstop”

  1. ChristopherH1985:

    my cat is like: WTF where are you kitty? as he searches the room lol

  2. vertdriver:

    my cat likes this video, he even jumped at my phone screen a few times

  3. Ssonicmovies:

    @oatmealdog I usually use the toaster.


    @oatmealdog nice one man

  5. CROWcatalyst:

    How do I call my cats over to me? Play YouTube videos with nonstop meowing cats. Works every time.

  6. UncleBacon86:

    @oatmealdog weird. i use celery

  7. killaghostface1256:

    @TeoDucky Because you clicked on it…

  8. gneely01:

    It’s probably because you’ve been depriving the cat from somethin!! NOT FUNNY!!!!

  9. stungunfun1:

    I turned this up to freak my cat out: mission accomplished.

  10. PawTheFox:

    I only did this to freak out my cat. x3

  11. opossumgirl13:

    hold down 7 😀

  12. RyanKenny59:

    Cats purpose in life: Used for comical Humor as we humans torture them hahaha

  13. TheDeuschesne:

    I bet he sees pot

  14. TSearcy:

    Bless his heart. My cat Shyla heard him and ran out of the room. She kept saying, «it ain’t mine!»

  15. Pikachu980pwner:


  16. SkateboarderChick27:


  17. Electrode2:

    Press 8 for MEOWRYUKEN!! LOL but anyway, quick question: was Dumpy actually going for the camera, or for the door? Or both? It’s hard to tell.

  18. hungaryitaly566:

    Awww soo cutee

  19. danicapschloss:

    @thebubblemonster66 holy shit that was funny

  20. Dicktaa:

    awww ♥ so cute!

  21. thebubblemonster66:

    @oatmealdog LOL, good one! XD
    By the way I didn’t mean that in a nasty way, I just meant it to be funny. And that cat is super cute! 🙂

  22. oatmealdog:

    @thebubblemonster66 No, I used a potato.

  23. thebubblemonster66:

    Did you record this with a cucumber?

  24. firefly1632:

    that is EXACTLY like my cat——the color and meowing—-did you take my cat… o.O

  25. DragonGirl56781:


  26. emperorSG:

    «try to make the window from the lamp» LOL

  27. annanasskop:

    8 people were attacked by a cute little kitty cat

  28. Davidsnumberonefan1:

    No one could do it like George, «its just a bunch of shit stickin out his head»

  29. Bradbssargdons:

    Isnt he a cute little HOLY SHIT HOW’D HE DO THAT!?!?!? hahahahah

  30. TheMrRetnuh:

    this sucks hitlers ball
    jk that was funnnny

  31. davidkowalski11:

    It’s also the fact that cats have slit pupils, it’s almost reptilian.
    3:25 LET’S DROWN HIM!-my thoughts exactly, I HATE cats.
    Do you know that Hitler had only one ball?

  32. skybreak07:

    aaaah ahahahaha….When i was like 5,my dad showed me this,I almost wet myself from laughing so hard

  33. carlinsaves:

    This is one my favorite Carlin skits. I’m a huge animal lover and I find them all super hilarious, especially cats and dogs. You ever see them interact with eachother? So cute and funny lol.

  34. broalonzo:

    Hey! If I could reach, I’d never leave the house!

  35. EasyExpertVillage:

    7 people pressed the ass button

  36. shonnaleehale112809:

    what’s that? fuck that! not me, im a cat. something break? ask the dog.

  37. steviezace:


  38. NoisyNinjaSC2:

    I have an idea. Why don’t we give God Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and anyone else that society seems to hate in exchange for George Carlin?

  39. YouthEnergy:

    Seven people own a hamster.

  40. wickedjesterboi:

    6:06 isnt he a cute little HOLY SHIT!!!!

  41. DeathnoteBB:

    @WOW9521 well not YOU, it was a freinds cat, but still.

  42. DeathnoteBB:

    @WOW9521 She was probably mad you took her fingernails off :/ I love their justifications for that stuff, «Oh it doesn’t hurt them.» bitch please, not having fingernails wouldn’t hurt a human but I sure as hell want them.

  43. DeathnoteBB:

    @SovietRei If I said something like that my mom would just call me on arguing. «It’s just playing with a mouse.» «Um, I think you mean it’s trying to kill it.»

  44. SovietRei:

    «Aw look, he’s playing with the mouse!»
    «BULLSHIT! Mouse doesn’t feel that way!»

  45. orange7blue:

    F*cking meow!

  46. vault13le:

    Thank you George R.I.P

  47. jdrum12:


  48. The4thGuy:


  49. SonicThunderBYG:

    George looks like Jackie Earl Haley here.

  50. only4fuzzy1:

    «oh, daddy…please daddy…one…more…treat» xD that’s awesome