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Funny Animals – Cats Fighting (The First Video With Original Captions)


Two Cats fighting and talking about their relatonship. Original Video: by mkass84 ‘Senile Talking Cat!’- www.youtube.com Captions: by UD51 – www.urbandistrict51.com This is the first Video with Subtitle…As you could see, many people uploaded this video with similar subtitles… People with no inteligence and originality to to create original subtitles had to copy us. Thank you for showing us that we are awesome and our creativity is superior than yours. Knowing that many people out there want to be like us brings tears of joy in our eyes… Thank you people that have no creativity and need to copy us, thank you for showing that we are great :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. OWNED BY RATATAT. & yes, I do make song requests. Enjoy. :] Comment & Rate.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Funny Animals – Cats Fighting (The First Video With Original Captions)”

  1. BlackATTAX:

    What’s awkward about this is that they’re really 2 male cats. Still funny though.

  2. OTBibleBoi89:

    I love this video. Laugh out loud funny! :D

  3. Chio5443:

    I love this video! Haha :’D

  4. ohwow20111:

    forgot thumbs up

  5. ohwow20111:

    one pissed off cat !(:

  6. bunnyboo31500:

    OMG funny as hell

  7. davidsolis22:

    Hahhahahaha @ «I was a virgen»

  8. agoblossom1088:


  9. Vooliscool:

    It’s a real cat fight

  10. kvega14:

    Laughed till I cried……hilarious!

  11. FacePunchVideos:

    sounds like WALL-E

  12. bbbt100:

    I feel bad for that black cat

  13. v3VOLUTIONv:

    lol yup i think thats wat they where saying like » cat language » nice uderstanded it ;)

  14. jonvrix:

    I WAS A VIRGIN!!! haha

  15. kwiishy29:

    ahahahaha LOVE IT !

  16. CupcakeGoddess1799:

    Poor guy

  17. britannysbeers:

    I don’t know why your not getting a 100% thumbs up, must be jealous people or too serious people that don’t catch on that this is just a joke, humor really to overlook the fact that these are in fact two males fighting over territory or a female as a matter of fact LOL! Cute anyways! It’s so funny! My cats both fluff up and arch their backs when I okay this video. Thank You for the video, it is in fact a classic as far as I can say. Thank you again! ^_^

  18. triumphfern675:

    i agree wid the cat yuh stupid bastard.!!!! why would yuh cheat on her.!!!!!!! why !!!!!!! why!!!! yuh INCREASTES BASTARDDD .!!!!!

  19. MalikHotful:

    wow thats nice one :)

  20. Atta67:

    @livisawesomeful you are so right. I feel sad for that black and white cat. He is the one who is subordinated.

  21. GSilent08:


  22. carleyroxon:

    It sounds like the ginger cat is drunk lol

  23. Registrate4help:

    Why??! F*ck you!! XD

  24. boxerblackbelt:

    that sucks that cat is bullying the other one thats so sad

  25. kawlitaisda1:

    reminds me of Pursuit of Happiness :)

  26. IamMclovin247:

    a wild ratatat appears

  27. AngryLlama:

    Brigitte sent me.

  28. bloodeat:


  29. vsquad1000:


  30. sla165:

    Заебала реклама перед началом ролика,нахуй заебала!

  31. supasoul42:

    this song need more likes people !!! :)

  32. littlemuggin:

    @qqqqqaaaaasssss the dude from scrubs

  33. 0xXxPhoenixXx0:

    @pizzapiesonline thats exactly what i thought after reading chrischo53′s comment! (in my opinion)

  34. pizzapiesonline:

    @chrischo53 you are completely wrong and extremely stupid..(in my opinion)

  35. chrischo53:

    0:00 – 1:55 is cool, the rest is shit.. (in my opinion)

  36. sla165:

    Заебала реклама перед началом ролика,нахуй заебала!

  37. flexhero1:

    This was in scrubs?

  38. alibaba0895:

    J.D from Scrubs
    if u know scrubs
    u know him ;)

  39. IHeartSkatingAlot:

    Have you ever REALLY smelled a tissue?

  40. RedCrayonMan:

    I looked up pictures of mountain lions to this.

  41. Falfuris:

    this needs more media attention lol

  42. GreyMessenger:

    This song is like a Hardcore Thundercat porno theme song… I LIKE IT!!!

  43. dlnstffrd419:

    @hpdeskjet56S0 Actually, I listened to this during the commercials for scrubs, so actually he had a lot to do with it in my case.

  44. sxsleeper:

    Thundercats on weed listen to this

  45. Jonnoxxcv:

    @TheBestAccountEvah Lol, thumbs up for you.

  46. AldoHessquare:


  47. TheBestAccountEvah:

    @Jonnoxxcv *tap tap guitar tap tap* RAWR!! x 132

  48. stmbn94rat:

    Better that the crap most retarded kids are listening to.