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Декабрь 2011
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Patriotic cats celebrate the 4th of July


Casey and Sassy are ready for the 4th of July! Post a comment with your thoughts about the USA’s birthday! Send this video to your friends and family! Please subscribe and spread the word!

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25 комм. на “Patriotic cats celebrate the 4th of July”

  1. MrSombra1001:

    ahhh, america. the most beutiful country in the world. (and the most fat too)

    bad english, sorry *_*

  2. MegaEllerman:

    cat: meow meow i hate you meow meow meow you are such a douchbag for making me sing this meow meow i ca

  3. makutateridax200:

    @MEGAF4IL and one is osama’s dead body

  4. AirPickles:

    This makes me proud to be an American

  5. ilovesims24ever11:

    @41t3c4n070gYofPhils cats meow thats why he/she said «god bless A- meow-ica

  6. MEGAF4IL:

    80 people are Terrorists!

  7. popstar27430:

    meow meow moeeeeooooooow me-ow (the ending

  8. 41t3c4n070gYofPhils:

    0:46 … hahahah I thought it was a true fireworks but
    when 0:51 came I realized that it was only a video on the screen of a laptop

  9. 41t3c4n070gYofPhils:

    @DAN5675able America sounds like A-meow-ica?

  10. wtfbollos:


  11. HeroOfCardassia:

    Great job on the vid =)

  12. wigglesisfat:

    Kitties your awesome!

  13. eamonnca1:

    77 people have no sense of patriotism. (Or humour)

  14. kittylover459:

    No matter how many times you play the star spangled banner, I still don’t knwo the words.

  15. prettysassykitty:

    So forth of Julyie : )

  16. jacobtwelve:

    do it again this year plz? :3

  17. artsyfartsyme:

    love love love love love! Posted this on my fb page because it’s so darn cute!

  18. bbwonder11:

    their soooooo cute!

  19. shosho0girl:

    why cats are immortally cute

  20. FatimaxAshx:

    I walk to school and you know how black cats are one of em they fallowed me i luv em so i pick em up thy r soo soft!!

  21. LoLz01ful:

    Cats are so friggin cute! especially yours

  22. zombiesniper35:

    CAT bless America !

  23. MJChuckylover88:

    this video was posed just before the day michael jackson died =’(

  24. poiiihy:


  25. therealziman:

    lol sassy seems to like america
    but cassey….


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